• Yes, of course. Vietnam is very open and is warmly welcome visitors especially Americans. We forget what the American soldiers did in the past and hope for a better future and relationship.
  • Yes. This time on their own.
  • Yes of course many people that fought there have been back . Vietnam is fast becoming a tourist attraction and building the industry.
  • It's easy for Americans to visit Vietnam nowadays:-)
  • yes. There is even a hospital in Ha Nam that is funded by the US Agency for International Development and The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.
  • As long as they have the proper documents (passport and visa). Lots of American tourists were there when I visited that country last month. I can tell they're Americans because of their accent.
  • I have seen numerous travel shows where they have visited Vietnam. I would say that they are allowed to go there. Apparently they love their motorbikes!
  • Yes they are for the German born American came to the united states and wanted to learn to fly, and the best way to get his wings was to become a Naval aviator. Upon joining the Navy Dieter was stationed in Vietnam and was to fly a sub sonic prop plan with oridinates of Napalm, upon flying into hostile country Dieter was shot down. He then after the war and many years later wanted to return to Vietnam to some how come to grips with what had happened to him while in captivity, he was then part of a movie that documented his life during the war and after, It was a post vietnam movie interesting to say the leastl
  • This is now a non-issue. Americans are allowed to go to Vietnam.
  • Yes we are but funny to know that it is illegal for a non citizen to have a vietnamese national in his or her room while staying in a hotel. They are trying to cut down on prostitution.
  • Yes, because the communists in North VN have achieved their goal of taking over the South which was supported by the US. Now what they need to do next is to get as many US dollars as possible. The money will help feed up corrupt officials of the communist party.

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