• I can't find any record of a Compaq ever using that model number. It looks like it is incomplete or not the actual model number. Finding the correct model would probably have helped you find it on your own.
  • Compaq appears to be a subsidiary of HP. Contact HP customer support for assistance.
  • 12/13/2022 This is likely an older post as Compaq was bought by HP 20 years ago and HP stopped using the Compaq name 10 years ago, not to mention Windows XP having been replaced by Vista 15 years ago. Anyhow, that DSDT model looks to be from that early date range, single core Pentium processor, long out of support and unlikely to be of much use beyond Windows 7 in 32-bit mode. Drivers can be found with some trial and error but require more specific details.
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      I thought the same as you on this posting but assumed there was recent activity since it triggered a 'current' status. I've done that a few times when I've gotten bored - going back to earlier questions that interested me more - answering those brought them back to the current status since there was once again recent activity.
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      I posted to staff:

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