• If the iPod is new, the first thing you shoudl do is NOT charge it right away. A brand new battery should be run down until it dies out, then re-charged. This will "break in" the battery. Even if your iPod isn't that new, try doing the above a couple times, it should help. If not, it may be a manufactering problem. They also sell battery backups for the iPod, and they are usually pretty cheap. FYI - the average battery life for a full size iPod should be around 12 hours of playing time.
  • According the the sales associates at best buy, Apple iPod's have a non-user changable battery. The only way to fix a faulty battery is to get a new iPod. If you have a warranty, this shouldn't be a problem. It was easy for me to exchange when my old iPod had the same problem. Good Luck!
  • 2 solutions for it. 1st one is check with other charger. 2nd is replace your iPod.

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