• I always do. It used to be standard. I would like to think people still do.
  • always unless they do a poor job.
  • Yes- they clean up after you.
  • Only if it is a service...not for someone that owns her own business and does the cleaning herself (no crew). However, I do think it's appropriate during the holidays to add a tip (anywhere from 1/2 the cost of her service or double).
  • If you're talking about a maid in a hotel or motel, the general rule in the US is if you stay for more than 1 night it's appropriate, the longer the stay the higher the tip. If you're talking about a maid in a private home, no. Though you should give your own maid/cleaning woman, gardener, regular trash man, regular postman, et al. a (monetary) gift at the holidays.
  • i think so. especially at hotels. my nana and my mother started this when i was young: leaving money at the end of EVERY day that we stayed in the hotel - why every day instead of a larger sum at the end of the stay? because it's not always the same person that cleans the room. those people are generally on a time limit for cleaning a certain amount of rooms. and here in cali most of them are mexican, so being hispanice, i always remember to say hello or thank you when i pass them by in spanish - and if not then i thank them in english. for any other service, i'd assume that house keeping was a paid job and that gifts during holidays weren't mandatory but socially assumed.
  • Most people do not... But I do in a hotel... on a cruise you are asked to ...
  • Yes, if you want the job done well by a happy employee.
  • I always did..especially in places like Mexico where maids are the lowest paid of all workers...I was never quite sure where to leave the I just left it on the bathmat on the floor so the maid would know it was for her..I also left all my unused leftover toiletries and laundry soap etc for them.....
  • Yes, I always tip a little as a thank you.
  • yes, ALWAYS
  • Maybe in hotels you can do it. If it's a live-in domestic servant girl (maid, nanny, cleaner girl or whatever she's called) you just give them their ordinary wage, free room, the uniform they're required to wear, free food or whatever.

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