• I doubt it. There might have been a fe instances of a player's club cartwheeling out of their hands and conking someone on the head. So I think it would be safe to say that someone, at some time, probably has. Perhaps not very badly, but a concussion at least.
  • People have been hit and hurt but i do not remember an instance or reading of an instance of serious injury
  • This is probably not what you meant... but anyway: GOLF; 'People Were Screaming and Running to Get Help' DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - In a violent thunderstorm during the first round of the United States Open golf championship today, one spectator was killed and five others were hurt when they were struck by lightning near the 11th tee of the Hazeltine National Golf Club. The death of the spectator, believed to be ... [To read this archive article, upgrade to TimesSelect or purchase as a single article.]
  • my uncle was warching golf on TV and my aunt clubbed him to death for not putting down the toilet seat.
    • Roaring
  • Well this might seem like a backdoor answer, but one of my friends knew someone who was struck by lighting while watching the other person playing golf with him take a putt. (he was golfing too)
  • When I saw this question I just had to answer- even though no one was seriously injured- my dad was playing golf once and he was driving the little golf kaddie up a hill and around a bend. well some teenagers came around the other side going down the hill at break neck speed (ok ok maybe just 35mph or so) but because they were pushing the kart to its limit the and because they were going to fast aroun the bend they began to vere off the car path and straight towards my dad. well my dad vered off and into the grass but teens began to go onto to two wheels and suddenly were flipped over. No one was hurt as far as I know but just so you know- bad things CAN happen at a golf course- so keep your eyes WAY OPEN- lol
  • Chubbs had his hand bit off by an alligator in Happy Gilmour....
  • People have been Hit with golf balls while watching golf(I'm pretty sure you might be able to find some video of it on youtube), but I doubt any were killed or seriously injured.
  • It sounds dangerous.
  • I guess there must have been people who were watching the golf channel when their houses were hit by cruise missiles or crashing airliners.
  • My boyfriend was watching golf next to me at a tournament because his parents wanted to watch. The golfer let go of his club + it hit him in the head + cut his head open. Then his sister threw up.
  • i think PGA tour player Reteif Goosen was struck by lightning playing golf when he was an ametuer, and people have been hit in the nuts alot playing golf, according to "Caddyshack"
  • When I play golf people are bound to get hurt :)
  • A group of people was watching golf under a tree when it got struck by lighting. I don't remember if any of them got killed, but there were very serious injuries to a few of them.
  • While watching golf, my grandfather passed out from the heat, and was rushed to the hospital.
  • I was once killed watching golf. It sucked hard.
  • If they where watching me play golf chances are good of serious injury.
  • Im not sure but watching it has often made me feel like killing or badly injuring someone lol
  • hundreds of people get konked on golf courses everyday most die immediately you ever see lists of missing people hmmmmmmm biggest conspiracy going they just scoop them up after getting konked and thats the last you see of them

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