• Can you hear me?
  • It depends upon the topic. If there's a given topic, focus on that. If there is no particular topic, you can start by asking who s/he is, or "can you tell me something about yourself", and from there, you can think of other questions to ask.
  • What was your first job? How much did you earn? Can you remember the price of milk/butter/bread when you first started working? How many hours a week did you work? Did you go on family holidays? Was life simpler? What was life like before all these electronic gadgets? How did you celebrate Christmas/birthdays? How well did you know your neighbours? How many items of clothing did you own? - Did you have Sunday best? Did Church figure strongly in your life? What did you think of unmarried mothers in your day? What was your first car/house like? Can you describe your wedding? What did you learn in school? What was your school like? What was food like - can you remember any favourite dishes? When did you get your first tv set? When did you first fly? loads more!!!
    • BRG
      I think your reply is incredible! wish I"d thought of it first,,,,,,,,lol..
  • Check out: and And, for a BUNCH of links to questions, see:

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