• Because when it was first published in the June 28, 1948 issue of The New Yorker, it caused quite the controversy. Since that time, the plot has become quite obvious, even cliché. But when it was first written, it was new, fresh and deeply disturbing to small-town America. Hope this helps.
  • It's a strong statement about mob mentality, and of course would have been far more shocking when it was first published. But it's a story we still read because it's disturbing in how it paints cruelty as entertainment. The movie Series 7 is basically just that story made into a fictional reality show, Stephen King took from the theme for Running Man. It's an idea that's as old as going to see public executions and gladiator games. By setting it in a peaceful modern town, Jackson shows us the bloodthirsty viciousness that's still inside humanity. We're reminded that we aren't that far from stoning people in the streets for entertainment.
  • Same reason people cannot write screenplays and television scripts and you know what the characters are going to do and say.
  • probably cause you knew what was going to happen

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