• G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. No I don't think so. All you would need to pay for is a uniform and possibly to go to the gym. Compared with motor sports or sailing, it is a pretty cheap sport. Regards
  • I wouldn't say that gymnastics is the MOST expensive sport, but competitive gymnastics is definetly more costly then other sports, I believe. Leotards for females range usually from $30-$100. My competitive leotard for my team that I will only wear a few times costed $300 or so. Gymnastics meets could cost up to a few hundred dollars and the monthly tuition for practices can probably reach up to a thousand dollars. I'm not try to scare you out of participating, but it is definetly a costly sport. Not to mention the cost of the equipment..
  • probably
  • I wouldn't think so but not sure. We did team sports (mostly soccer/futball) those costs for a club team in the US were stuff like: Minimally two uniforms, bags/jackets to match team, tournament fees, club fees, and hotels, food, and transportation for out of town games/tournaments. We haven't played for a few years but, as I recall, it was about $1000. a year maybe a bit less.
  • sounds like it
  • Just like dance or karate you need to have good instructors and workout very often.

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