• I misunderstood this question. I live in Manhattan. I like living here because it's easy to get around. But it's expensive, the cops are idiots, and the mayor is a bloodsucking absentee sack of shit who thinks the solution to the city's woes is to suck the blood from the stones in our wallets. So overall, it's really not worth it to live here.
  • Frisco, TX - It's a great place to live because they truly offer everything here. We have a world class soccer stadium, a very cool below ground level baseball stadium. A shopping mall that is one the three biggest in Texas. We also have a multitude of GREAT restaraunts. +5
  • Anchorage and because although the winters are hard theyer is a lot of winter sports and the summers are great and plenty to do. Alaska is a beautiful place that can and demands appreciation from nature. All the wildlife that can been seen roaming is fantastic. Dangerous in ways but must exercise safety. That is why our laws of nature have it include weapons while out in th woods. You could meet a wild animal at any time. We try to aviod the situations as the human usually loses, but there are times when defending is a must. But you will never forget your trip to Alaska or what you learn and see about this wonderful place.
  • Avanigadda. I don't want to move from my birth place, which gives me all. Why should I move to another.
  • Right now I'm living in Houston. I would tell anyone, including myself, that you should move here for several reasons: l. Beautiful weather in the winter time. 2. All the shopping you can stand. 3. Awesome museums, and numerous too. 4. People are really friendly and helpful. 5. Good restaurants. 6. It's a global city. 7. Home of Johnson Space Center. 8. There are jobs here and more coming. 9. Close to fishing, sailing, and the beach. 10.All the good things about a city, but it is spread out so it doesn't feel like you are in such a huge city. 11. Home of the Houston Rockets. I am planning to move here soon!
  • I live in Northen Michigan and tell everyone to get the Hell out. The economy sucks and the Govenor is pocketing TONS off of us. We are now the Highest tax State in the Union...wonder why Michigan is going under?

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