• It does seem wrong but he has bed and board for the next 10 days and maybe help on his way when he finishes his sentence. +5 :o)
  • Not necessarily. Look how good he's got it in jail for those 10 days. TV, good food, warm place to sleep, people to talk to, showers. I bet he commits another crime within 30 days of his release, just for that reason.
  • Since when is a 23 year old considered a kid?
  • good lord yes.i would not be surprised to hear that PETA wants him executed.
  • I agree with the other answers - at 23 he is not a kid, and for 10 days he has warmth, food, shelter etc. Given the weather the way it is at the moment, 10 days with bed and board is not a bad thing. But you are right, it does seem excessive for the crime, and it is the crime that is here to be judged, not the circustance.
  • I don't think he should have something like that on his record, but for those 10 days he'll have food, warmth, and shelter!
  • yeah... they are going to kick him out after 10 days! then he is going to have to revert back to homelessness. he is getting the best food and shelter of his life. we need to provide atleast prison level food and shelter to everyone so they do not resort to crime. it would be cheaper to provide that than to provide that and guards.
  • That does seem excessive and unfair. It's not as if he was a fisherman killing the trout for sport. Did he get a trial? However, jail time is probably better than the alternative. If they fined him, he wouldn't be able to pay it.
  • Well, an endangered trout is an endangered trout, and as others have noted, this may work out well for him with a place to stay and food to eat for 10 days. I hope other help is available for him while he's incarcerated so that he can leave jail with a new direction.
  • maybe he'l think twice before eating endangerd trout! haha
  • A human is incarcerated for eating a fish? For EATING A FISH! May the gods have mercy on America. Oh, and alert Colonel Sanders, Jack I. Box, and Long John Silver. Fish are protected from being eaten. Whoever wrote the law, or voted for it in the Legislature, and whoever arrested the kid, and the judge who put him away should all be shot. Or better, chained neck deep in the lake the fish came from, for the same ten days. And chained naked, at that.
  • Yes, something is wrong with this. I can't find any such news article. Smells fishy to me.
  • Not unless he is illiterate and it was clearly posted NO FISHING by punishment of law?
  • The punishment does not fit the crime. That fish was there for him to catch it and eat it! Shame on the society that put up with him being prosecuted!
  • Ignorance is no excuse for breaking a law. If every homeless person ate one of the endangered fish, it might turn into an extinct fish. And hey, if he's homeless & hungry he will at least have three meals a day, warm showers, & a bed to sleep in for ten days. A lot of homeless people break minor laws to be put in jail on perpose so they have those things from time to time.
  • Sounds pretty cool, he gets a free meal just for catching it and as a result winds up with 10 days free room and board. Sounds like a good deal to me. I'd like to see him explaining why he's in jail to some of the more hardened criminals.

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