• dumb would be more like it...look at paris hilton!!
  • it depends but yes usually alot do
  • Yes, I believe they do.
  • Generally you live what you learn. So yes, the chances are that a spoiled child will grow up to be a spoiled adult who will in turn have a child who is spoiled who will grow up to be a spoiled adult and so on and so on and so on! :)
  • I think spoiled children never really grow up they just get big. Certainly many if not most of the Worlds ills could be cured if people would just grow up, become accountable and responsible and make more of an effort to get along with their fellow man.
  • Spoiled children don't grow up. They just get big. (Unfortunately Raylrodr beat me to this answer.)
  • Yes spoiled and you can add to that they're also egotistical A**wipes.
  • Yes, they do. Because they think that everything will always be handed to them... and that's just not the case. Kids need to learn to appreciate things before it's too late.
  • I dont even think they grow up to be actual ADULTS. They might be larger in stature but their learned spoiled core values will not change. That is, unless something major has happened in their lives to make them turn it around. I dont believe anyone is beyond hope until they try. But some people never do learn. There are exceptions to every rule so anything could happen but generally speaking.... yes to your question. lol
  • It depends. Either they grow up to be wracks who cannot master their life, or they make some experiences on the way that make them change. If they change, and they have children, they will probably educate them differently.
  • Often..
  • Unless they're given a chance to face the consequences of their actions- Yes. Look at George W. Bu$h.

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