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  • I haven't, I didn't even know people could masturbate while asleep. I would probably watch out of curiosity.
  • No i have not, but i would love it if he does...i'll find it very think about it it would depend who he's dreaming about. On the other hand...he has waken up to find me masturbating HIM whiles he's sleeping.
  • nope.... but i have woken up to him grinding up against me....
  • No but sometimes when my wife sleeps I masturbate beside her...
  • No, but I have had some very erotic dreams and have wondered if she has ever woken up to me masturbating? I have masturbated while masturbating her at the same time, and when we both got off it was great!
  • Yes. I am not sure what to think about it. Should I tell him?
  • Go for it jm!
  • It's called "sexomnia" or "sleep sex".
  • Sometimes one of us will wake up during the night and start masturbating. It wakes up the other and is a great turn on for both of us to listen to the sound and feel the movement in the bed.
  • It's called "SOMNOPHILLIA" and I love it! Such an amazing experience being woken up by a blowjob or slowly licking a sleeping pussy.You walk into someone's dream and you can be part of it,especially when it ends with an orgasm. Bliss is waking up on a warm summers day with a beautiful soft mouth around my cock and a fresh pussy over my face.The sensation and smell is like caviar for the mind. I remember waking up with a jolt once-nearly choked her,heh!
  • Yep and vice verses.

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