• Imprint: COR116 Description: Tab, White, Oval Ingredient & Strength: Acetaminophen 650 mg Brand (or equiv.): Tylenol Ex Strength Firm: CorePharma Class;Sch: Analgesic Source:
  • I got this same pill, marked "COR 116" in a prescription for hydrocodone. One pharmacist told me that several companies make generic prescription drugs and this may be one of their formulations, but another company may have used the same formula number on an over-the-counter drug as well.
  • To SBergman: If you got this in a prescription for hydrocodone, then it would have depended on the color and shape of the pill. When it is shaped as a white, oblong caplet, unscored, then this is simply generic extra-strength Tylenol (650mg). I know this because I have a great big bottle of it sitting right here.
  • there are 2 answers to your question... there r 2 different companies that use the impint code "cor 116" one is in fact 650mg acetaminophen and the other is 50/40/325 butalbital/caffeine/acetaminophen or fiorecet unfortunately i have only seen the fiorecet making there no way for me to give you a way tell one from another but the fiorecet is 19mm long

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