• no, but id like to try it. ill let you know how it turns out :3
  • its a really wierd feeling after, wouldnt be able to describe it, you just feel, fresh
  • Yes, I had acupuncture after an auto accident ... I really helped my head aches to go away and I usually felt GREAT after the treatments ...
  • Yes, but he started bleeding, so I stopped.
  • No but I get punctured at least twice every month when I have my arthritis appointment.
  • No but I would like to try it some day
  • No I have not!
  • no, but i would try it!
  • I tried it. was not bad but expensive
  • Yes and i would do it again given the opportunity(but only for what ever is ailing me at the time-not just for the sake of it)
  • Yes Session 1 Uncomfortable Session 2 Excruciating There was no session 3. Those who say acupuncture is painless must be made of different hurt like he** the second time. :) ((hugs))
  • no but i've tried acupressure when i used to do ninjutsu
  • Yes. I was "diagnosed" and "treated" by the best acupuncturist in town (the first local doctor graduated in China) and a "friend" of mine. All his "diagnosis" came from talking around his desk, by looking into my eyes (keeping the distance of the desk in between us) and checking my tongue. I got the first needles while sitting on a high couch. For some reason I fainted and fell head first. I had bitten my tongue and was unconscious. The doctor's reaction was to give me a shot of a red substance, according to him, it was vitamin B, next to my tibia. Since he was in a hurry he left me with his assistant who just charged me for the session and sent me into the street. As soon as I got to a hospital with real scientific doctors, I was diagnosed with brain concussion and was fine two days after. Needless to tell you that my anecdote was a high price for my gullibility.
  • Several times while in Korea and a couple times here done by my chiropractor for back does actually help.
  • I have not but the military is now using it in combat situations: Air Force to train combat docs to use acupuncture (AP);_ylt=AhsPbk4GuCRPzr7xsgAY_4nZn414
  • Yes, I have. I've had needles all over my body. Sometimes, they were even hooked up to the jumper cables.
  • Yes. The chinese doctor took my pulse, and had a quick look around and told me there were problems in my stomach and specifically my spleen. I got the hard sell for a whole session of treatments, including being sold a whole range of medications - it cost a fortune!!! It was not too uncomfortable, but didn't really help my problem. After a few months of treatment, I was rushed to hospital where the real problem was diagnosed, and sorted out after some complicated surgery. I am now well. Incidentally, the acupuncture itself did not hurt too much and was quite relaxing, but it didn't really help me at all.

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