• no, ive never heard of it
  • I don't remember seeing it. I believe it is available. Maybe years before I tried it. One yet I didn't try is rhubarb with strawberry.
    • Ice man
      Rhubarb&strawberry is good! Years ago I lived in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley (fruit belt) and got to experience all kinds of jams. A friends mother made me some "cherry" jam and it was "to die for". She also made me an equally good "strawberry&banana" jam. She gave me the recipes but I lost them. I've seen a few recipes on the internet, but they weren't the same. Last week, by chance, I saw some cherry jam at my local supermarket and bought it. It's just like the jam my friends mother made, so now I'm going back to the store to buy at least 10 more jars (that way I know the store manager will order more of it). : )
    • breton
      Rhubarb&strawberry I will be watching for this. Strawberry banana would have been interesting. At your supermarket was good news you found this. Store manager keeps this order going will be great. Living in that area BC would have been really interesting.

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