• I used it to check out a woman at church (LONG story there).Its about $50. Dont you know whats in your background?
  • I live in Oklahoma and in our state the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) will allow you to run a background check on yourself for $15.00. I would imagine most states have a similiar agency. Addtionally, you should be able to run a check on your driving record through the Dept. of Motor vehicles for a nominal fee. Beware of online background checking companies, many times this information is outdated or just outright incorrect. I ran a check on myself through netdetective and they had me living with my brother-in-law in another state. I have no idea why.
  • I used too, seemed to work pretty well. Lots of info, accurate. I thought the parents where I was dropping my kid off for a overnight thing were kind of strange.
  • I would also recommend Intelius. FYI, though: A background check done for employment purposes must be compliant with regulations on those types of background checks. Intelius offers background checks for employment screening, as well -- but I think what you're asking is where you can go to do a self-check to see what might be in your background. If that's the case (and I think it's a great idea), Intelius can do that for 49.95. You can also buy, through Intelius, a courthouse check on any records that turn up in your report to see their most current status (if they've been expunged very recently, for example, they might appear in your report but actually be expunged, and you'd need to confirm that by doing a court check). You should recognize, though, that any check your employer might run on you may contain different/less information because of regulations.
  • If you mean in the UK, you need a CRB check. This is the Criminal Records Burea, and details any convictions or cautions you have had from the police, and is essential for most jobs that involve contact with vulnerable people, such as in healthcare and teaching. If you're not in the UK, this is pretty pointless though, since it is a UK Government agency.

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