• I didn't see tonight episode, but I enjoyed last week.
  • its hard to go anywhere when your lost.
  • You mean Lost has lost its way?
  • I watched it religiously. But then, it went on hiatus for about a year (at least it seemed that way). I've decided not to watch it anymore. It's hard to get back into what's going on after so long.
  • I think it's becoming a lot convoluted and not fun anymore. It was better when it was mysterious now it seems like simple evil megalomaniac vs. less evil guys. I'm starting to become uninterested.
  • Nope, I love it. It can be hard to follow though, you've got to remember every small detail.
  • Sorry, it LOST me at the first episode!:o
  • I heard in a few interviews hat they are going to reveal all the secrets.. yea!!
  • How can you say it's going nowhere? There is only 29 episodes left in the series and they have so many answers still to tell! Yes, we know the Oceanic 6 has to make it back to the island, but it's the journey that makes it exciting!
  • i stopped watching it after the first season hatches smoke monster tropical polar bears mystic voices in the jungle enough already! jump that shark and end this thing
  • No, not just you.....I stopped watching it after the second was so lame I just couldn't handle the writers stupidity.
  • Im lost and insecure about the plot. I watched the first episode of this season but stopped then because hereos is so much better and i only have time to watch either one.
  • i just started to get into it recently, i'm trying to understand whats going on but i'm so LOST now lol!
  • Yes...I gave up on it when the first season did not end with a rational conclusion.
  • The show is genius, and it's made for viewers who pay close attention. Yes, the first couple seasons made little to no sense, but now the last two seasons are tying everything up while still being intense - it's like a treat for those who paid attention earlier. I am convinced that anyone who doesn't like it either hasn't watched all the episodes, hasn't paid enough attention, or just isn't intellectually, er, "stable" enough to watch the show and appreciate it for how interwinedly genius it is.
  • No, it is going nowhere! What started so good... sure seemes like a pile of rubbish now.
  • LOL LOL Yea they lost it.
  • Umm, I personally think is has been wrapping up everything extremely well and telling an amazing story that is basically only getting better (season 3 & 4 were the best seasons of TV ever). I personally believe that LOST is the greatest show ever made, bar none.

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