• Yes. At 17 I saved enough money waiting tables in one year to pay for a down payment on a new car and my first year in college.
  • My high school writing teacher kicked me out of class and told me I would never amount to anything. To this day I use that as motivation and to prove him wrong even though I completely dislike the guy. I currently have a deal to write screenplays for an unnamed studio.
  • Lived past the age of 30
  • Beat my dad one on one, in basketball 21-11.
  • I was told I couldn't graduate at the top of my class, wrong, I did. I was told I would never get into the Ivy League for grad school, wrong again, I did. I was told I can't change the world, wrong again, I will.
  • Yes. We have a peak in the mountains nearby called 'Aanamudi'. Some 3400' tall. There is a good trail as people often climb it. The younger guys in our locality said people of my age group couldn't climb it and make it to the top. Four of us took up the challenge. We started out on a Sunday morning with some 15 young fellows for company. We did climb it and reached the top before noon and got back home by evening.
  • Yes. after an accident that broke my head..LOL. Doubtful that I would walk again..I run everyday..Doubtful that I would regain memories..I got back more than I cared too..doubtful that I would speak normally..I talk ..alot..LMAO :)
  • No one could beleve that I was gonig to hunt animals but I proved them wrong.
  • Yes ... after being the only survivor of a car accident that put me in a wheel chair, I was told by nerve specialists that the crushed hips and lumbar vertebrae meant that I would never walk again ... 16 months later I was hobbling around on crutches ... a few months later and I was limping around with a cane ... now I jog, carrying the cane, and the cane seldom touches the ground ... and I am back teaching martial arts ...
  • Yupp my school thought i'd never get into college.. i am =] and im also thinking about carrying on to go to uni
  • Someone once dared me to pull a fire alarm..........I pulled it but nothing happened.
  • Not really. The opposite tends to be true. People say I can but sometimes I can't.
  • That I couldn't walk normal again,,,Are work a full time job requiring manual Labor,,;) Well I walk fine and working my ass off ;)
  • I got my GED, I won the court case, I pulled a 4.0, and I survived after he was gone.
  • Yes..when I entered UCLA I roomed with a friend and her that time Bullock's Wilshire was right down the street from campus. I told my friend I was going there to try to get a part-time job. She said I shouldn't bother..she and some of her other friends had tried and they were told there were no openings. I went anyway and got hired on the spot. I didn't want my friend to feel bad so I told her that a job had opened up right before I applied...if that had been the truth, no one at Bullock's ever told me. :)
  • I proved a lot of people wrong when they said a child can't raise a child and have that child turn out to be a successful, happy, well adjusted, independent human being :)

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