• Eggs and bread. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • I try to put my groceries onto the conveyor in the order that I would like them bagged. Cans and jars first. Other items that are not easily damaged next (packages of meat, dairy, frozen items, etc). Veggies next, and bread and fruit last. It seems to work pretty well most of the time because the first items scanned through are the first to be bagged, so by the time they get to the easily bruised/broken items they are either bagged alone, or at least at the top of the bag.
  • Whatever is in the cart last.
  • whatever I grab last.
  • Bread and chips.
  • Cakes and Eggs I dislike squashed cakes and don't like cleaning broken eggs up yuck!:)
  • Eggs, bread, and chips.
  • I leave my bagged rolls from the bread department for last because I know the person from the store will be asking me what's in the bag. It's just better timing that way.
  • ... anything light and/or fragile/squishable ... so it gets bagged on top ... ... eggs, bread, etc. ...
  • I put the more delicate things (lettuce, eggs, fruits) last so when I bag them, they go in last and therefore on top so they don't get crushed!
  • Oh my conveyor belt system is organised! The last items on the belt are the last items I want to pack! Everything is placed on the belt in the order I want to pack it, and I have a series of bags for different items, so that when I get home, I can unpack one bag straight into the freezer, another to the fridge, another to the cupboard and another to the fruit and veg rack. Ok.. so I am pretty anal about bagging and packing, but it is efficient and it works!
  • The items on the bottom of the cart. It's up to the sacker to get them packed right.

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