• I never really had to learn to enjoy it, it's always just been one of my favorite things. But I guess the way to start out is to find books about things you're interested in.
  • The same way you learn to enjoy thinking - nobody can teach you that, it has to be in you
  • When you find the perfect genre of book you like. Read things that really interest you. Read book reviews and summaries to get ideas.
  • find a topic you enjoy and find interesting, then browse through a few books until you find one of interest, but not to long
  • By reading. Don't make yourself read the classic or some 1,000 page novel. Read what you like. Romance, mystery, best-sellers, whatever. In fact, steer clear away from what people tell you is 'good for you.' Soon you'll have the habit. It's quite fun after a while.
  • I think the rule of "by example" plays an important part. A parent who, him or her self, reads is first out of the gate. Then, reading to the very small child early on, observing and determining which of the many children's books the child most enjoys and reenforcing that enjoyment. In a few years, the liklihood of the child will "hunger" for reading content on its own...will take up reading on its own...and are more likely to continue the process for many, many years to come. If that foundation was not set early on, chances are slimmer that the enjoyment of reading will take hold. Most people don't take the time to read really good lengthy books...mainly because they don't HAVE the time in this helter-skelter world of the "quick fix" for everything. [Example: we are given all the important, critical news of the day in but a 30 minute TV broadcast...and most are satisfied with that!]
  • To be honest, I don't think one learns to become a reader. You either are one or you aren't. Everyone I have ever met who was a reader started out very young loved books and got more involved the older they got. The only thing I can suggest is reading about something you have a passionate interest in. If that doesnt work, probably nothing will.
  • by reading something interesting
  • For some unknown reason, in fifth grade I brought home a scolastic book catalogue of inexpensive paperback fiction and was amazed when I asked if i could get some, I checked off so many and got them all. Then I devoured them(reading). It was like an imaginary doorway into other worlds and adventures.

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