• It isn't unusual to cry when any of our pets die. Pets are a part of our family, and we love them like family members, so of course we are sad when they die.
  • No way! You probably loved those 2 little critters and took care of them every day! Cry away... my mom still cries when she thinks about our dog Shauna who died 10 years ago... now that is a bit over board!! Hope you feel better!
  • Absolutely! Anytime we lose a pet it is heart breaking but two? Sorry :( That happened when I was a child (cat got them) so my Mom bought us two more, and didnt care about them at first, then grew to love them, and they lived a pretty long life with us. When you get over your grief, why not get a few more? It is very therapeutic..
  • no. if you cried when your parakeets died then it obvious that you loved your parakeets, when someone you love dies usually people cry about it
  • Not unusual at all honey. But did they both die at the same time? If they did you need to clean the cage and all their dishes and toys very throughly before using it again. Secondly you should see if you can identify possible gas leaks or causes of unnatural death. Also I want to check, do you have a baby monitor set up in case your birds thrash?
  • No, i love my birds and would cry if any of them would die. Parakeets are very underestimated, as pets and people see them as disposable, because they are cheap, but they are not. Parakeets are actually one of the best talking birds they are only hard to understand because of thier budgie accent..I'd hate to see all of the lonely parakeets there are out there! Also figure out why they died it was probably something in the environment that you were unaware of!
  • Not at all. I cry whenever any of my pets die. I also cry when a pet of someone I know very well dies! My nephew's pet rat died not too long ago, and I cried when that happened too. You loved them, they were family. Who cares if they weren't human? They were friends to you. That's all that matters.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss. The grief of a pet dying can be just as much and even more than a human dying (note that crying for a pet loss does not make grieving for humans less important, they are two different things and grief is grief). It is not silly or stupid at all, and certainly not unusual.
  • Oh, hunny, please! I cried my heart out when a friend of mine lost his dog! He was even mine! I get VERY attached to any sort of animal...yes, even birds. Don't worry, you'll be fine.
  • No, it's not. Usually you have had them for a really long time and they have been apart of your life for a long time. My two goldfish died that I had for 9 years (Since I was 6 years old) and I cried everyday for a month. The pain will go away one day. Just keep strong.
  • omfg if my bird died i whould cry so much they are like you familey no its normal
  • Not having ever had two parakeets that have died, I can't really say what would be 'usual' for me. But most have us have lost a pet and yes, it would be normal to show your sadness. It proves that you feel for things other than yourself.
  • Nothing abnormal about showing your feelings, You raised them and saw them everyday its only natural you feel loss.
  • I think it would be unusual if you didn't cry when you lost 2 pets. It's quite a sad thing. If you care for something and they become dear to you it's natural to miss them and cry. I'm so sorry for the loss.

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