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  • best thing to wash weed out of your system is green tea...or so i've heard.
  • Yes, it does it. Try dunking your head in water for as long as you can and you'll come out squeaky clean
  • Yup. In about thirty days. Here's a tip - if you're job hunting, or if you're on probation, or in any other situation that will require you to take drug tests - STOP SMOKING DOPE FOR A WHILE.
  • Not like you would think it would. According to a friend of mine who performs those tests in a lab at the hospital, only time will take it out. About 30 days of waiting.
  • I've always heard drinking plenty of water to clean out your system speeds it up water pills also and detox products often i've heard drinking pickle juice also but i dont know for a fact
  • It can. But wont do it for a spot check or a quick fix.
  • No. In fact, there are many different ways traces of weed can remain in your system. Piss is just the oldest and most commonly used. It shows up in your nails, your hair, and your blood. Weed can deposit in your fat cells and remain there for YEARS after you've smoked (and I mean like 10 years). It can be re-deposited with exercise, resulting in positive results.
  • No, it is water insolvent, exercise is the best way...
  • No it does not lol. you should try not smoking weed if you have a job you really want to keep or don't want to get put in jail (if your on probation)
  • water would get weed out your urine but it doesnt clean your whole system

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