• No word of a lie - about half an hour ago my dog weed on my bed! I was very angry and I will never forget this, especially next time she wants a sausage!
  • Back in the '70's, we lived on a 600 acre farm. My little brother had a grey, wire-haired terrier mix, that followed us everywhere. It's name was "Hungry Jack". Well, we were practicing baseball, out in a field, (my brother pitching, me batting), and I was taking some practice swings. All of a sudden, "Jack" came running up from behind me, just as I was taking a "practice swing" and I smashed him right upside his head! I was never so scared in all my life! He just FROZE, not a sound, not a shriek, nothing! He froze with his mouth wide open, then just fell over, as if he was a block of ice! My little brother came running up, screaming "you idiot" (among other things), and we both just figured he was dead! We tried to talk to him, pet him, move him ... he even felt like a block of ice, laying there, not moving one inch, mouth frozen open. Then, totally shocking us both (we literally jumped a mile), after about 45 seconds to one minute, "Hungry Jack" unfroze and hopped up playing like nothing had ever happened! It was totally unbelievable! I have NO explanation whatsoever, because I hit that poor mutt HARD! Needless to say, "Jack" was spoiled rotten the rest of that day and several days after. He never showed ANY after-effects or had any problems whatsoever! I've never forgotten that, and it's been around 35 years!
  • About 8 years ago, our dog, Sparky a Shepherd mix, jumped through a plate glass window and cut his side wide open. It was like a huge C and very deep. He had to have stitches inside and out, and had to have drainage tubes. It was awful and I will never forget it, even though Sparky is long gone. He lived another 6 years and just died a few years ago.
  • One cat I had started crawling around on its side making these awful sounds. This whole thing went on for like 30 minutes. I took her and put her on my bed. She died like 10 minutes later.
  • Mine is not so negative. I have a cat (now with my sister) that is an amazing hunter. We have a screen cat door in our porch. I was awakened (the first time he did this) at 2:30 in the morning after JUST falling asleep (I had been IM'ing with Aris until just before that). There was an incredible racket on the porch. I opened the inside door (there is a screen between the house and the porch, as well as a regular door). It was too dark to see. I could see my cat sitting on the table, looking smug, and hear something under the table. I went outside the back door, with a broom and a flashlight, barefoot, in my nightgown, at that time and walked around the house to the porch. I shined the flashlight in the screen door. All I could see was the cat, unmoved, still looking smug. I opened the door, carefully, still looking around (porch light was out). Still nothing, and now it was quiet. I propped the door open, and carefully holding the broom in one hand and the flashlight in the other, crept in, looking everywhere. A flicker of movement on a screen. A CHIPMUNK, unhurt, running over the screen, as my cat sat and watched. I took the broom and chased that chipmunk over, under, around, behind, and through the 3 chairs, 2 tables, and various other things on that porch for probably 45 minutes. It did not want to go out the door. My cat just sat and watched approvingly. He occasionally moved a paw or tail out of the way when it ran past. Eventually it ran out the door. And my cat made a dive outside the door after it. I had to do a bellyflop on a cement floor to stop him from catching it and bringing it back in. That was the first time he tried teaching me to hunt. Since then it has been mice, chipmunks, rabbits of all sizes, birds, bats, flying squirrels, snakes, large bugs, another cat, and once, a full-grown Northern Harrier hawk (that one had HIM pinned under a table while it sat on top). None were ever hurt, but all were either scared, upset, angry, or something. And yes, I have spent hours chasing them out the door, then grabbing the cat to keep from having to do so agian.
  • I was driving through an urban neighborhood when a dog jumped into the street from between some parked cars. He jumped right in front of me and there was no way for me to stop in time, so I hit him. I pulled over and jumped out, but the dog had run off whimpering. Totally shaken, I looked around to see if his owner was nearby, all that were there was was a priest and two old ladies standing on the corner. They ran over as they saw what happened. We searched for the dog but couldn't find it.
  • I went to a zoo with my husband where he bought me a stuffed toy otter.We made our way to the otter exhibit and I held up my new toy(lol!) to the glass where the otter came out to see it.I must have ran back and forth 50 times with that little otter swimming along side of me jumping and diving.When I finally stopped and turned around,there was a bit of a crowd watching me play with this beautiful creature.It was a cool experience :)
  • there were some workmen around the corner to where i lived and my dog 'got out' about an hour later he cam running in the back door with a wrapped package containing sandwiches, and before i could stop him hed torn them open and munched on them! :D
  • We had a visitor to our pond one day that I will never forget. It was an osprey. He would hover from 100' or more in the air and then dive down to the pond, catching fish with his claws. It was an awesome display by this huge bird. And another time we were coming home really late, near midnight, and found the pair of beavers that live in our pond about 1/2 mile form the house walking down the middle of the road towards home. They must have been on a 'road trip' that day, like us LOL!!! We were so worried a car might come and hit our beavers, my husband walked behind them, even touching them, to herd them towards the pond and get them safely home. I followed slowly behind in the car. They went to the wrong side of the road to swim the little channel of run off there, then one split to the other side, those crazy beavers! Finally got them over the road and into the pond. We never cold figure out what they had been up to since beavers don't travel far out of water. And that was a loooooong walk for those chubby little legs :-) We were just being good neighbors, escorting our drunk neighbors home LOL!!!
  • I've go a lot, but I'd have to say some of my earliest memories are among the finest. When I was a boy, I had a dog (Blackie) that was half cocker spaniel and half dachshund. To this day, I swear my Mom could talk to him and he would understand EVERY WORD she said. He absolutely adored her. Blackie used to chase the birds in the yard a lot. He was a dog, what can I say? Anyway, our neighbor lady didn't like that, thought it was mean and didn't like it whenever I would sic Blackie on the birds. One day, Mom was sitting in a lawn chair in the back yard with Blackie laying next to her with his chain on his collar. Our neighbor lady came out and Mom saw her watching. So she dropped her hand down from the book she was reading, scritched Blackie behind his ears, and said "Black Boy, Mom would sure like to have one of those birds." (There were some Robins near the garage.) She unhooked Blackie's chain and he started sneaking off around the side of our property until he was close enough to pounce. Our neighbor lady was watching in horror! Blackie jumped out among the birds, snatched one up as the others flew off, and trotted back to Mom with his head held high! The neighbor lady was about to have a fit! Blackie came up, sat down in front of Mom and gave her the bird when she reached for it. The bird was unharmed and he got all the attention from Mom that he craved! Mom thanked him and turned the bird loose. From that day on, our neighbor lady held Blackie in the highest regard because he wouldn't hurt the birds. My memories of Blackie are full of such things. And I really do think he understood everything Mom ever said to him. He sure acted like it!
  • I had a bloody nose, which had stopped. Walking over to the edge of a roof I was working on, a hummingbird flew up to my face and stuck her long tounge into that nostril, apparently attracted by the red coloring. It really felt weird. True Story!
  • Years ago I had this really gentle male cat. He would go outside, but always ate in the house. One day he wouldn't eat at all, just kept walking from his dish to the door, back and forth. I finally realized he wanted to 'eat out'. I took his food and placed it on the porch outside, suddenly, four little kittens appeared and started to eat his food while he stood and watched. I ended up placing four mounds of food out on pieces of foil for the little kittens so my cat would eat. I don't know what happened to them, they stopped coming around after awhile.
  • This video :) I like it :)
  • when I lived in kentucky we had a 60 acer farm. We kept horses for our neighbors. Their feilds were't big enough to hold all theirs' so they put the extras in our's. Anyway; her name was festus, a very beautiful brown horse that trusted me enough to let me ride. One day I's riding her towards the pond in the very back just past the barn. About half way between festus made an,unexpected, abrupt turn for the rear opening to the barn. before I knew what was happening she runs me into the board obove the opening;she ducks. I did like Tom whenever he ran flat into a wall while chasing Jerry. what I on landed nearly broke my back. I could't walk for thirty minutes after that; the pain was too much. I never rode festus again. I still miss that horse.
  • i went sledding with my dog when i was about 9 and he was a big dog but he actually sat in the sled with me as we went down the hill! he even pulled me a few times! that was such a fun day!
  • a ferrell cat shall i say more

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