• I make my own dog and cat food every 3-4 days. I use- chicken livers or hearts or gizzards ground turkey, a little bit of either beef broth or chicken broth, sometimes a couple of scrambled eggs and some type of cheap vegie like peas and shaved carrots. After cooking it I put it in my cusinart and grind it up to make wet food. They LOVE it!!! If you go on Martha Stewart .com she has a section of recipes.
  • I have made a homemade food for my two girls for over 10 years and rotate the type of meat I use chicken, beef, or turkey. Whichever meat I use it will consist of approx 50% of the finished product. I boil the meat - chicken I remove the skin & beef I use 80% lean. I either ground or mince. Some feed their dogs raw meat; some with the bones if beef - never chicken bones, never cooked bones. The other 50% is boiled grains and veggies. I like oatmeal, brown rice and or barley which I also boil. Veggies I use yams, brocili, peas, or carrots. Veggies I steam and mince very fine to aid digestion. At times I will add a little fruit, honey, pumpkin maybe an egg. I would caution that changing a dogs diet can upset their system and should be done slowly and some dogs may be allergic to some of the above.

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