• Maybe it's the way you say it. If I want an honest opinion, I am normally pretty good about taking it. However if I want to know how I look and you say "like a cow" instead of "it doesn't work for you" I'd probably get pretty ticked off too.
  • dude, I think u should just ask them what they want u to say.
  • Because, we want you to say the right thing and mean it. So, you should have the same opinion as her and it should be genuine. You need to clone her mind and say let me think for a min every time she asks your opinion.....then go ask your "pet mind", then come back with a good opinion.
  • Still trying to work that one out. The other day my s/o asked me if I liked a dress she was going to buy and told me to give my honest opinion on the dress, so I told her that if I gave my honest opinion would she accept it and she said ''of course I will, I wouldn't wear something that you don't like'', ok I said I hate it, she then playfully slap my arm and said ''the next time I ask you for your honest opinion you had better get it right'' then went into the shop and purchased the dress lol.
  • tact is a virtue. If she asks about her butt...."it looks better in other jeans" is a better answer than "look lard ass, anything above size 3 is just gross,why dont you take care of yourself and get a book on anorexia"
  • it prove that honesty cannot die.even a liar like honesty too. love is better than live for other is always better than selfishness
  • When I ask my husband this, I do want his honest opinion. However, I often just assume his opinion will match what I want it to be. Additionally, I want him to be sensitive to me, and not just blurt out some harsh fact in the name of honesty. For example, if I say, "Honey, do you think I am a good cook? Give me your honest opinion", that doesn't make it okay for him to reply with "your food tastes like crap".
  • It's not just GFs that do that...people do that here on AB ALL the time!!!! It's human nature to not want to be lied to and then to get mad when you don't like what you hear!
  • I feel for you, dude. It's the burden we all bear... wise men have spent countless man-years in contemplation trying to figure out how to respond to "does my butt look big in this??" If you don't like those questions, you can always become gay.
  • Because, when they ask for an honest opinion what they really want is for you to compliment them. Not say that their hair is hideous.
  • Because many women are not direct. They don't want to know what you think, they want you to tell them what they want to hear, then they get mad when you give them your answer. I believe these women are immature. This comes from the Cosmo school of, "I want a man who knows what I want without me having to ask." Pretty stuip isn't it?
  • I typically ask another question back in which she knows that her answer will not affect my resulting decision. She smiles coyly, gets the point, and we both go about our business. It's the best method I can come up with so far.
  • Girls want a soft truth. Find a way to make something seem sweet, practice because it can be done with almost any suggestion, comment etc.
  • I'd say they want an honest opinion, but with diplomacy.
  • We really do want your honest opinion but i think deep down we are expecting it to be what we want to hear. So when its not what we wanne hear we get a little choked about it.
  • It's a trick question. The operative word is "honest opinion" which really means, they want you to lie about it but in such a way as not to be obvious
  • You can either be right, or you can be happy!
  • We do really want the honest truth. We hate lies. But we just really can't handle the truth sometimes. Kind of ironic.
  • It's all just a big test mate.
  • Oh never answer that question, and if you do - lie if you must! What we actually want is for your opinion to be the one we want to hear. That is the only 'truth' we really care for in such a situation. Usually it is said when fishing for compliments, or reassurance. If we felt great, we would not need to ask for your opinion. We want a boost. However we also want to believe you mean the good things that are to follow.
  • It all depends on how the truth is delivered. If she asks how her new haircut looks, and you think it looks bad, saying "I don't really like it" or "I like your hair longer" is acceptable, whereas "BAHAHAHA YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN" would offend a girl. Obviously I used an extreme example, but only to illustrate my point. Most girls do want the truth, they just want it delivered in a nice, non-insulting way.
  • Because the truth is always better than a lie. If its on a serious topic and you tell her the truth there can always be a level of respect, trust and possible understanding. If you lie to her she wont trust you or respect you. If she reacts like she can't handle it at first thats fine. Women are emotional begins and we are programed to react. Its not till she finally begins to think about what you said, then she might understand or at least apreciate your honesty. From the most simplest arguments to the most serious of conversatons the truth is always better than the lie.
  • I never do that. But then again I am no one's girlfriend.

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