• Perhaps because they have an "Inquiring minds want to know" mentality.
  • I do not and if they are going to write about it on AB I would prefer they go to AB4Adults and pose their questions and answers. What people do behind their bedroom doors (so to speak) is their business and should stay that way.
  • Because they can not judge what they do not know. The best way to feel good about their own perversion is to belittle someone else's.
  • You have to keep a good supply of scapegoats ready for those hard-to-write sermon days.
  • It's not familiar to them, just like race, religion, age, and everything else.
  • It is a mystery to me. What consenting adults do with their own privite time is thier business.
  • I don't care about anyones sexual preferences and that's why it annoys me when they try to make it my business by constantly throwing it in my face.
  • Well, many people like to think that what people do in their sex lives in nobody else's business, but that is not entirely true. Sexual behavior definitely impacts society, and government, in some cases, regulates what can and cannot be done. For example, prostitution is illegal is most places. It is illegal to have sex with a minor. It is illegal to look at child porn, even child porn that has been illustrated so that no actual children were involved. We have laws regarding child support, so if you want to screw around and get a bunch of girls pregnant, you will be held responsible to help pay for them (at least you should. Whether you are or not depends upon a lot of things). Illicit sexual behavior can also spread disease, which impacts our health care system. Conversely, healthy and safe sexual practices benefit society. That is why we, as a society, care about other people's sexual preferences, whether we like to admit it or not.
  • People are nosey/meddlly.
  • Maybe they are interested in the ones they are bugging/asking about,to see if they are compatible.
  • Because they got nothing else to care about. I dont understand how people really think about this anymore... get on with your life already
  • It should only be important to that person! It's really no one elses business. : O )
  • because of disease, pregnancy, divorce, murder, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, .... sex is not just an act of pleasure that should be shared between ANY 2 or more consenting people. It employs deep consequences if over used, mis used, poorly used, and deceptively or wrongly used. It is more than an act that is casual, one sided, or designed just for the moment and a whim. It carries with it responsibility, maturity, respect and care. It has become this cheap quick "hobby" that is so underestimated and mis understood...and that people think can be discussed with co workers at the lunch table at the office... why isn't it mysterious, sacrd, romantic and special any more? that is my question thats my take.
  • In my view, that is also a one of our need, just like eat, sleep etc.
  • I think its only important and something to do with the one your having sex with
  • I dont think it is, unless you are the one sleeping with them.
  • It is to that person and to those who are attracted to him/her. It is not important to others.
  • It is important to the person because he/she needs to know who to approach.
  • So you can figure out if you might get lucky;0)

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