• I researched "felching" and, yeah, I was successful.
  • I'm actualy doing a term paper and i go on line to find all sorts of info
  • Yes and all too often I wish I had done more. Sometimes I will go back to pick up a few more items to read or review and find something very valuable that I have missed. The Internet is a great tool, especially in this day and age. It just keeps getting better.
  • Yes, and yes - I use a lot of online library databases.
  • yes i use data from online for my research work
  • I research one thing or another online every day. It's always a success.
  • Research on-line? NO! What a novel, why didn't I think of that?
  • I have done .. and currently do .. a lot of research online. I pay for annual subscriptions for access to indexes and digital scans of primary, original source records at genealogy/family history content distributors like: Allows me to do research in census, local history, family history, land, military, ship passenger list, city directory, vital records (birth, marriage, death) and so much more. Add all the freely accessed online sites with indexes, volunteer transcriptions, uploaded photos and more. Add all the freely available content from institutions and respositories, museums, societies and organnizations ... Add all the freely available content from government agencies I use several kinds of search engines I also use ONLINE searching to find what I can access OFFLINE. I love Worldcat!!! Search for what I want .. add my zip code .. and find out what I can borrow, from where. Voila. All set for "interlibraryloan". I access other databases from home that I could never afford on my own. My public library subsribes and I access those. Others, I can use while physically at the library. But more research content. GREAT. :) I have tons of census scans (1790 to 1930) .. military service records .. early 1600s court logs in New England .. all online!!! And MORE. Do I ever? Yes, often. Found anything? Yes, a LOT.
  • Almost daily. I'm mostly successful, but I still can't break Rule 34.
  • I've done a lot of research online over the years and it's been very successful
  • plenty of anotomical research
  • Yes. I've had to do a ton of research recently online for an up-coming book I'm in the middle of writing. A lot of it has to do with the CDC - so there's a clue! I'm just hoping not to be tagged as a terrorist for being on their site so much.
  • Yes all sorts of things. If someone mentions a friend has an illness/syndrome/condition I've not heard of I look it up. New recipes. Stuff about films and actors, genealogical stuff. People - I found a guy yesterday that I haven't seen since I was 10! All sorts of interesting if not always useful stuff pops up!
  • Yes I have and found with the right questions a lot can be learned!
  • I'm into genealogy. FANTASTIC success!!
  • Yes. You can even find some really interesting stuff. That and the paid web can actually be even more useful.
  • its part of the reason I wanted to get online about 4 years ago.I wanted to get onto the internet as far back as 1998 but waited until technology and broadband caught up to a level that was practical for my needs I researched a book called the post human condition by robert pepperall and recently found a 3rd edition from 2003 ordered it and its an amazing book to read about ai robots and technology and where it is all heading,also found a ton of music unavailable in the real world ,online.
  • Yes, and sometimes I surprise myself. Anne Boleyn didnt have 6 fingers on one hand!!
  • Sure I do! Like I always say. "Any idiot can be a genius with Google!"
  • I do much research on-line. I have hundreds of sites bookmarked of research I have done. I will research anything that comes to mind or someone askes. From some of the questions I see asked here I am sure most do not know how to do online research for themselves.
  • yeah but not for anything really important. ;)
  • For my projects I've to do a little bit of research....
  • I don't know yet. One website promised to advertise my MSN group in February. If they keep their word, then I can call it successful. I just need to advertise our Jewish MSN group for the sake to get new good members in. LOL We are not a business group. LOL
  • I research a lot and I am very good with the search engines I always find what I need.

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