• Of course.
  • well duh. whod you pop the question to squirrely? i thought you were waiting for me :(
  • Yes. If someone asks another to marry and they reply yes, there is an engagement regardless of any jewelry involved.
  • sure..why not
  • no- buy her a ring- or get him to buy u a ring. its kinda like the "check is in the mail"
  • In some cases, yes.
  • Not really. I think it shows more sincerity when the guy takes the time and money to go find her a ring. Plus, when a girl announces it, I think she would want something to prove it.
  • I think so, though I don't know why it couldn't have waited to have a ring. But it works for me.
  • Well, when my 1st wife and I became engaged, I bought her a ring, she didn't buy a ring for me. But, we both knew we were engaged. When my 2nd wife and I became engaged, I bought her a ring, she didn't buy a ring for me. But, we both knew we were engaged. So, I would have to conclude if a man buys an engagement ring for the woman they are considered officially engaged. And, if a woman doesn't buy an engagement ring for the man, they are still officially engaged. It doesn't exactly sound fair, but that's the way it plays out.
  • Nope, my boyfriend has asked me like 30 times but until I get my ring I'm not taking :) In all seriousness, It is just a token, so yes you can be engaged without the ring.
  • Sure why not. I was engaged to my wife for a couple months while we looked for a ring and I saved the money. We were still engaged. Must have worked, We're still married.
  • Nope. I'd be pissed if a guy proposed to me without a ring. I would feel disrespected. Even if finances were difficult, I'd expect an inexpensive ring if he planned on proposing.
  • i think that a lot of people can "officially" do anything. and there are always circumstances. BUT, it doesn't seem like a very good engagement to me, if you are the kind of girl where a ring IS important.
  • I would consider it more "unofficial". Unless you planned on getting married without a ring at all! It would be like planning your wedding for a certain day, but not actually having it scheduled yet.
  • nope. i think when he decides to spend that kind of money, then he's serious about it. but until then he could be only half-serious.
  • Good question! An engagement is a promise to marry - so in theory No However we exchanged rings, got out the champagne and then rang the family.
  • Actually, I wouldn't really. I can see talking about getting engaged and even agreeing to get engaged. I wouldn't think it was official until I got the ring. That is why they have engagement rings! It is an official symbol of an engagement. Otherwise, I would just think it is talk.
  • I wouldn't have minded at all, I don't like rings. I have been married 24 years and don't wear my engagement ring or my wedding ring.
  • Even with a ring, an engagement isn't a legally binding agreement. In Jane Austen's time, young people had engagements without rings all the time. So they are not necessary, but if you really want a ring, tell your guy that you'd like a physical symbol of the relationship.
  • If he asked me without a ring so we could pick it out together yes. Or if he asked me, he just had a bit more to save, yes. If he just asked me randomly with no thought to a ring no. I mean I'd even accept a gum ball ring if it came from his heart.

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