• Only if necessary!
  • Maybe, why? You got something to say about it?
  • That is the one thing I have never done. I'm an easy target to provoke though.
  • yeah I do
  • No, most of the time, there are a few, that it brings me pleasure, to rattle their cage.
  • enjoy it??? i live for it!!
  • i have never done it
  • Yes - mainly arrogant, stupid people who are actually complacent and comfortable in their half-considered assumptions ... and especially people who don't like to be challenged because they have an inflated opinion of their intellectual capacity. Don't hate me for this...I am probably arrogant myself.☺
  • Provoking people can be fun. Why they are provoking, I don't know, but sometimes I guess I can take it. I like nice people, I like funny people. I guess I can take some provoking people. Why?
  • Yes, In the positive take on the word provoke. "To provoke and inspire" To challenge a person to think outside of the box(bag).
  • "Hey I can't help it, I'm controversial, It's just my nature!!"
  • No. It has happened, but generally I avoid it.
  • Yes but only wth people that I know or immediate family members. I usually do it when I am bored or need a quick laugh.
  • Up to a point!
  • Only my loving husband. :o)
  • I do it occasionally, but only to people who are really close to me.
  • Yes but not to be mean. Many times I encounter people who take the easy way out on an answer or a task and I feel the need to push and prod to get to the real truth of their POV.
  • Yes in some special cases. When they are angry and they've got a weapon of some sort and want to hurt someone to try make feeling themselves better. I provoke them to attack me and take their weapon. I kind of enjoy that provoking part. Too bad it doesn't happen very often. Weird am I? :)
  • No I do not. I might enjoy making them think it a good way, but not as goading them or hurting them in any way.
  • I don't go out of my way to elicit any specific kind of response from people. I am always honest. How they react to honesty depends on how well they know me and what kind of person they are. Some might get provoked..some might laugh...some might be forced to rethink their positions..some might like every word. I have no agenda when I answer a question, one way or the other. When people respond favorably I'm glad. When they don't, well, it is what is! :)
  • I do not enjoy provoking people. However, I do encourage my daughters to do their best. And when trying to find answers from someone I will try to gain full understanding by asking as many questions as neccessary to get the full truth.
  • I will push the buttons,,actually,this is how I get many of my points across. When someone writes in asking how to change someone and can't figure out how to do it,smart arse remarks can only go so far.If someone wants to change,they need to change THEIR perspective,and thought provoking responses are warranted. Now out in the real world,I provoke many people,When I am driving and a much slower car is in front,in a no passing zone,or on the highway with 25 other cars trying to pass in the passing lane and they are putting alongside a semi,,,yes I will get aggressive there too(High beams,tailgate...etc)

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