• long. If you can get non stop routes for most of it, not so bad. But otherwise, they stop in every single place, and the seats dont lay back very far. I cant sleep sitting up, personally. But they used to last year have week-in-advance $59 tickets, man is that cheap. (greyhound)
  • BAD! I will never do it again. I'd rather walk! The bus stopped at every little podunk town, the seats were uncomfortable, there was no way to stretch properly, the breaks were short, the bathroom was almost always busy and dirty, and many of the passengers looked like something out of "The Hills Have Eyes!" Noooosir! Not me!
  • well havent sone it but have done it cross state... wow that took FOREVER!!! Hell average speed was 29 miles per hour!!! not much better than what I could do on a 10 speed
  • I traveled to CA from TN, took 3 days, I actually had an ok time, 3 ex convicts "protected" me the whole way (they thought I was a child),some ex convicts are very protective of children (if they aren't sexual deviants I suppose), they even bought me food and drinks
  • BAD. very bad. I rode one 13 hours (3 states) and sit in front of a small child who had NO DISCIPLINE (parents please discipline your children) who threw things and kicked the chair the entire 13 hours. I love kids but this kid was a demon in disguise and his parents did nothing to stop it. NEVER AGAIN. i will drive or pay 10x the price and fly but never again.
  • I just read all the answers ..and it was always a dream/ambition to go across the states on a greyhound ..films always make it look so romantic lol ..hmm rethinking my plan to go and visit Brad Pitt i think ...:O)

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