• No, but my aunt had cancer and my grandfather on my father's side died of cancer.
  • My wife had cancer and is doing well. My father died of brain cancer. I have lost many friends and some family to cancer. It can be devastating.
  • My mother died of complications from treatment for cancer. My daughter's friend had cancer (he was 16) they didn't give him a good prognosis, but he rallied, and seems to be doing well now. My ex-father-in-law has cancer, and refused treatment, we expect to get the call reporting his death any day now.
  • My great uncle Jerry had cancer, it was very sad. Luckily he's doing well, but he'll need to stay in a care home for a long time. I haven't seen him since his cancer, but my family and I are going to visit him this summer, YAY! I miss my great uncle.
  • I have not. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, my grandma died from lung cancer, and my uncle from brain cancer. Recently my coworkers have had lung and prostate cancer (2 different people). The coworker with lung cancer died, but not from the cancer. The one with prostate cancer is fine.
  • My best friend's dad died of brain cancer. My grandfathers both died of lung cancer. My grandmother had breast cancer - survived. My cousin has breast cancer, and it has spread to her other organs - she's on experimental treatments right now.
  • My mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38. No family history, she didn't have any bad habits, perfectly healthy. She's okay now though and a 12+ year survivor. My grandfather died of cancer--he fell and hurt his hip. When the surgeon opened him up to fix his hip, he saw that he was just riddled with cancer. He died.
  • my grandpa died from lung cancer. my other grandpa i think had cancer. i never had cancer (thank god)
  • Mother had thyroid cancer - all my gradparents had one type of cancer or another. I was misdiagnosed almost a decade back with lung cancer - And no I didn't smoke - but had asthma as a kid and the lung damage looked like a tumor on xray. But no cancer sofar personally
  • mother had cervical cancer. grandmother and a few aunts had brest cancer an uncle has colon cancer and an aunt has cervical cancer.
  • Personaly No, I have one friend who has survived prostate cancer, and another who is unfortunately dying from bone cancer, both are in their 50's and both have spent a great deal of time around Radar and Mirowave installations in their work.
  • I personally, am cancer free. I know many many people who have/had cancer, and many people who have had their lives changed from it.
  • My grandfather died from lung cancer :( My auntie died from breast cancer :(
  • my mom lied about having cancer....does that count?
  • My mom, dad, both had cancer and walked away from it.
  • My sister had breast cancer about 12 years ago - SHE BEAT IT!!
  • My gran and my aunt had breast cancer. They both got past it :D wel my gran is past away now but not cause of the cancer
  • I have known lots of people with cancer. Two of my close friend's mothers had breast cancer, both are alive (one not doing good). I had a friend in JR. High who had cancer, he made it. Another friend of mine in his early 30's did, he also made it. I also had a friend who had it off and on starting about her freshman year of high school. She is finally in a better place now, not having to be in pain or be sick (RIP Nayiri).
  • I have had cancer since before October of 2005. The sort I have is considered incurable, but mine has been in remission for several months now. I contracted both this cancer and diabetes from exposure to the herbicide, Agent Orange, while I was in Vietnam.
  • My brother had Leukemia when he was a kid, but he eventually managed to recover. There is always, however, the chance of a relapse some day.

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