• Yes i think they should know a little english to get by!
  • They should know basic words so they could live easly here.
  • Yes, for survival purposes.
  • I think so
  • Yes, which goes back to another AB question about officially making English the language of the U.S.
  • YES YES YES if they want to live here absolutely
  • Maybe not to live here but to become a citizen.... absolutely.
  • Only if they plan to live here for any length of time.
  • I would say a 'qualified' yes. If a person is elderly, and has just come to this country, I would not force them to try and learn a new language. I would accommodate them to the best of my ability, but WOULD require they have someone to translate for them when doing any business. Anyone else, yes. You move here, learn the language.
  • WITHOUT a doubt.....English is our primary language and everyone one coming into our country should know english. They came here and should adapt to our customs. Good question +5
  • Sure. They should also be required to have at least a master's degree, be good looking and have a million dollars in escrow
  • "They should know better than basic!!They should eradicate the accent esp. and the way the pronounce, their speech is Fucked, if it's Mexican it's so ovious and it boggles my mind during my interations with them, I have to pay much closer attention, drives me crazy!! It's their accent and the pronouncement that freaks me out!!
  • Absolutely! If you go to their country, you'll be expected to know the language. The US should be setting the standards - not lowering.
  • I'm just wondering who decides what falls into "basic English?" Enough to order a hamburger? I before E except after C? I don't think someone should have to know English to live here. There are many jobs that a non-English speaker simply can't (or shouldn't) do, but if they choose to live here and handicap themselves by not knowing the dominant language, that's fine by me.
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      "Basic English" just means an adequate understanding of the language so that a person is able to communicate effectively.
  • It is not a law or in regulation, but they should learn enough to get by in an English speaking society. It will be to their benefit. If they apply for citizenship, they will need to learn basic English to pass their citizenship examination. I know several Russian immigrants that came over when they were older and have English speaking relatives here that don't know enough English to carry on any type of conversation in it. I also used to provide social services/welfare to older people who spoke only German, Norwegian or Swedish.
  • Yes. (I Believe. BUT! They need someone to help them Just in case.)
  • It would be the best interest of that person to learn, but no, I don't think they should be forced or required in any way. It's their choice.
  • no... however there should be no government processes of any kind done in anything but english... english proficiency should be a requirement for citizenship
  • No, but they also don't have a right to have things translated for them in everyday situations either, or to have translators available at work or school (depending on where you live).
  • No...but..... I think that anyone living in the US should have to do official business in if they want to hire their own interpreter, fine. Otherwise, they would have to learn it. I think it's unfair to force local schools and tax offices etc to have staff on hand that can speak every language in the world.
  • I think all immigrants to any country should be required to learn the language of the host country. If they do not know the language when they arrive they should be required to attend lessons to learn.
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      Back in the early 20th century when immigrants came to America legally, they had to take courses to learn the language, the Constitution, and other aspects of America and the government before they were granted citizenship. These immigrants worked hard for the privilege and we're proud to be American citizens - far different than what we're witnessing today.
  • Absolutely. It's already a requirement for naturalization, and it should be a requirement for any type of residency status.
  • Yes I think they should. I come from the UK and it annoys the hell out of me when we get immigrants who refuse to learn the language and we as a country end up paying for them to stay here because they also refuse to work. Its so wrong. I don't mind ppl emigrating to foreign countries if they are prepared to learn some basic English, are willing to work and integrate into society.
  • Well, lets put it this way, the test they have to take to become a citizen should be given in English only and without a translator. I'd say at about an 8th grade level, just like most of our national newspapers.
  • They should have to learn our language to become a citizen of our country. I believe that all business transactions and official documents should be in English, no exceptions.
  • NO, not to live here..and Yes, required to know basic English in order to WORK in the US? BTW,I know folks, to many (Puerto Ricans) citizens, that don't speak English, how about that! Puerto Ricans, get the same as you and I. Born & Live, Work and pay taxes and collect Social Security Push (2) if you don't understand.
  • you d get much further if you knew spanish as the majority of the population speak that
  • YES! If I moved to another country, like Mexico, I would have to learn spanish. If they want to live here, they need to learn the language
  • YES and YES and YES. My family is from Europe, I am 3rd generation. My great-grandparents learned English, and also became legal citizens. WHY WHY WHY is that generations ago, people did learn the language, enought to at least communicate? NOW, it is as if the U.S. IS ASKING THE IMPOSSIBLE? Come on, sick of catering to just a specific group. If it is done for one IT SHOULD BE DONE FOR ALL. Most people that move here from other countries DO learn the language, yet the ones that hop the border cannot? UG.......... yes, time to say good-night Gracie!
  • I think we should hold immigrants to the same standards we hold our citizens up to - meaning "no". Speaking clear English, spelling and grammar are apparently not necessary anymore. Unfortunately.
  • YES!!!!!!!!
  • yes you should know basic english in order to live in the US. how is that unfair?
  • Yes. Time to stop pussyfooting around the issue; English is the de-facto official language of the country and the language in which its Constitution and laws are written in. If you join the army you can expect to get your orders in English, and if you're sick, you should be able to ask directions to the hospital. It would be dishonest to mislead immigrants by telling them it doesn't matter and they can speak any language they like without consequences.
  • Yes. And if you are ever gonna expat to another country, where English ain't common, you better know enough of their language to get by.

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