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  • Nothing. As long as there is love & care given + responsibility taken care of.
  • If thats how you both want it then so be it your life your decision
  • Nothing is wrong with it, for you. But child will miss other parents love, if he is not there for the child. You would be deciding for yourself, not the child.
  • I dont think there is anything wrong with it as long as your kids have two stable parents to look up to. I dont plan on getting married before I have kids necessarily. I eventually want to be married but I see myself having kids first.
  • It is important that children are brought up in a stable family environment. Marriage, in my opinion, assumes a committed and stable relationship. That assumption is not always valid. I don't think marriage is a requirement to raise children.
  • Nothing, so long as you both love each other, are committed to each other and to your decision to have kids.
  • There's nothing wrong ,as long as you know your spouse will take responsebility for your kids in case he or she wants out of the relationship.
  • hmmmm whats wrong about the titanic not having enough lifeboats for everyone on it? this is assuming you mean to have a child without a father figure, if you have someone as the father then there is nothing wrong, but it does feel abit like you will be missing the marrige which kind of locks thing in and makes things more secure.
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Some of the best parents I know never married for various reasons, but adopted children and turned out to be excellent parents. I believe there's far more to raising children well than just mother and a father. If there are reliable, consistent, positive role models in the child's life, be they grandparents, friends, mentors, teachers, etc., the child will benefit. The single parent will still be the most important and most active person in the child's upbringing, but others can have a positive impact on both parent and child.
  • Marriage is a public declaration of commitment in both the legal and spiritual spheres. While it is sometimes possible for an umarried couple to stay together long enough to raise a child to adulthood, the odds are very, very small. Divorce rates hover around 50% in the US. If half of couples that had entered into a binding covenant can walk away from it, how many more non-married couple break up? That is one study I'd like to see undertaken. Women who have kids out of wedlock are running a big risk. If the guy you're willing to sleep with doesn't think enough about you to swear to God or the Justice of the Peace that he will be with you and only you unto death, then what the hell do you think will keep him around to raise a child? The first 3 or so years of childraising is VERY stressful and something that the majority of men have little stomach for. Next, what happens when you are now a mommy and he is missing the swining kid-less life he once had? It's no problem for him to walk out to find a new kidless honey, leaving you in the lurch and the child without a father. Having kids without the sanction of marriage is a fool's game and borders on child abuse.
  • nothing at all as long as you are in astable relationship. marriage doesnt mean your children will have a better life like what some preople are saying. i have had this conversation with valparaiso
  • As I've stated before, I fail to see the benefit of raising a child in a two parent family simply because that's the way it's "supposed" to be. My childhood was miserable BECAUSE of two parents staying together for the sake of the kids and because they believed it to be a sin to divorce. I would have been so much better off if they had split when I was an infant than living a childhood full of stress and unhappiness and grief. My child has been living with a single parent since she was 6 months old and is more well-adjusted and happier than many of her friends I have met with 2 parents in the house. In addition, I think it's quite a bit more harmful for parents to divorce when their children are in adolescence than if they were never together to begin with and the odds of 2 people in a marriage that will last until the child is 18 or more are frankly slim to none. The only benefit I can see for a 2 parent household is the financial security, and frankly, no individual should be dependent on another to live.
  • I don't think that simply being married means the couple is any more likely to stay together than a couple who ISN'T married. It's certainly not any indication that either of the parents is more likely to stick around for longer than parents who aren't married. If someone wants out of a relationship, they are going to get out - married or not. There is no sanctity in marriage anymore. A fancy dress and a piece of paper aren't going to hold those two people together forever if they don't want to be together... and if they don't want to be together, shouldn't they split up and quit making each other miserable anyway? That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to raise a child as a single parent. Raising kids is hard, no matter how you slice it. Raising kids and trying to maintain a marriage at the same time is overkill, if you ask me. Better to stay single and focus all your energy on raising the child.
  • Nothing, however having been a single parent before, I will say that if I hadn't re-married, I would not have had more children. Parenthood is difficult and not something I would do alone by choice. I do have friends who either chose not to marry, or didn't find the 'right' person and wanted children and are very happy being single parents.
  • Nothing as long as the parent is prepared to be finacially responsible for that child as well. Too many single parents are relying on the support of the taxpayers to raise children.
  • the kids get the name bastard
  • Your kids new two parents who are committed to each other for a lifetime. They need the security of knowing that they have dad and mom who will both be there to love and support them and each other. They need role models for love, faithfulnbess, and fidelity. They also need the financial security of two parents. Tbhat is all to tell you what is right about having two parents who are married to each other. You will have to figure out what is wrong with not having that on your own.
  • Selfish if you plan to raise your kid by only one parent. One would think you would put the best for him or her before your whims and wants.
  • Not a thing. I was married and had a child after just like you suppost to. I ended up divorced before the child was three. My second child we never got married and we planned to stay that way for a long time. Belive me the second relattionship made the fist into a joke. The idea that a marrigae some how makes a relationship more likely to last isn't true anymore. It also doesn't make it any more valid. What does is the love and respect of the parents coupled with the responsability they show towards that commentment. A ceremony. a piece of paper, and some rings of gold mean nothing in the long run without it.

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