• That s it I’m leaving too
  • This sort of format's not popular anymore, really. I socialize with most people through voice chat services or Steam. Also, everything eventually simply decays away. So enjoy it while it lasts and move on when the time comes.
  • Yes,I see what you mean.
  • There's no back and forth anymore. No discussion of topics for serious questions. I'm feelin' ya.
    • Thinker
      There was a lot of back and forth on the old AB that just never has developed on this new AB. Several of us got into some pretty good discussions and developed some very good friendships.
    • Archie Bunker
      I agree 100%. Even those who I disagreed with venomously, we'd be able to get into real discussions over a whole variety of topics. And I thought that was the point of sites like this. To be able to get meaningful responses to questions. Not questions that you can just Google. And then you have the folks who answer every question with "I don't know" just to put up answers. Then why bother answering? I don't get it. Maybe some of us old ones will hang on and hopefully it will pick back up. I can only hope.
    • Wakko
      How long has it been like this? I know things weren't "good" before we got thanked for our patronage and the site just shut down suddenly, but this STINKS!
  • i dont find it boring

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