• I saw it and its fairly gruesome but I liked it.
  • It's worth the watch if only for the fact that it goes back and answers a lot of unknowns about the characters. I'm not a big "Horror" movie buff cuz I scare too easily and, although, this wasn't huge on makin me jump with fright it was definitely big on the blood & gore scale, which is what I think most people look forward to and expect from ol' Leatherface.
  • I thought it was the exact same as the one that came out a few years ago. :/
  • Yeah, the last two films I think are very good. They really got the whole disturbing imagery thing down, I love the environments, especially the Hewitt farm house. man it's just so gross haha. The decor is like half the reason I like them. The remake may not compare to the original, but it's still some damn good work, and while its sequel suffers slightly, it's still nice and violent and fulla death everywhere, plus even some philosophy! The angels may not remember what was said tonight...but they sure won't forget what we did.

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