• No, I think they're a contributing factor though. People have always been able to choose wether they want to go and eat. So really in the end I guess it's either that persons fault, or its hereditary.
  • Not at all. Parents are the cause of health problems solely and nothing else. I am in great shape, yet I eat fast food once a week or more (due to the fact I am a grad student, and its so cheap because of great coupons). I also go to a gym and work out. Blaming soda, fast food, and videogames are ridiculous.
  • Nope..I think that the excessive amounts of fast food people choose to eat contributes to the health problems..but arent the cause:)
  • no. the main cause of health problems besides the FDA pushing harmful drugs into society, is that people are lazy and dont want to exercise. People just want to sit at the TV and watch American Idol or some other crap. sure the food is crap, but its not the restaurant's fault no one exercises.
  • They can't be the cause if we choose to eat it. We are in control of are own bodies..what we choose to put in them is are decision. Our Bodies should be our Temples..we should care what we put into them:):) A little fast food every now and then is not a problem..but if we over consume it..that's a problem. But if you banned fast food chains you would have to ban all the other temptations we have in life:):) And that is not possible:)
  • No I think that people should be educated about how to eat right and more convenient and affordable healthy restaurants should be available. Make the healthy ones the same price as the current fast food ones. Fast food is cheap, America is in trouble economically.
  • Banned, heck no. That would be un-American. I think the major cause of most of our health problems lies in the fact that we are unhealthy people. We do not eat wisely and we are not as active as we could be. Because we do not have to be. Good luck with that whole banning thing...
  • No I think that most people don't eat properly at home. They eat snacks, foods that are reheated in the microwave or processed foods. They don't get much exercise and watch too much TV or sit at the computer too much. They are indoors too much and not breathing fresh air or getting sunshine. You can't just isolate fast food and blame them. There are all the other things that go along with that lifestyle.
  • Absolutely! Fast food causes health problems. Pencils cause misspelled words. Guns kill people. Let's ban all three from the entire world!
  • Fast food restaurants should no more be banned from the US than fat people should be banned from fast food restaurants. It's about time that this society start taking some responsibility for their stupidity, greed, lack of self-control and other thoughtless actions
  • No, because it is the persons fault to going to a fast food restaurant and orering to much to eat. fast food chains should'nt be banned they should serve more healthy food with natural ingredients instead of processed foods.
  • No, people cause their own health problems by the choices that they make. The vast majority of people that are obese, are so because of the decisions that they made. They chose to eat fast food, they chose to live a sedentary lifestyle. Only some of these people have underlying problems that make it difficult for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fast food is ok in MODERATION. As is alcohol, rollercoasters, sunshine and the great outdoors. Too much of anything can kill you.
  • no if you go there like 2-3 times a month it wont kill you, stop making weekly trips there and youll be fine.
  • No, the cause of most health problems in the US is a noticeable lack of self-control.
  • Fast food isn't causing health problems its peoples choice to eat it, do you ban all alcohol and tobacco too!
  • Perhaps, like everything else, an individuals, by their own choice, overdo it...but it's THEIR business...and I'm willing to pay the little price of their freedom to do so. Should they be banned? Sure, if you want to continue to feed the egos of the "nannies" who roam the halls of the government, looking for more ways to make us think they're important and beholding to them.
  • no I don't think fast food is the cause of health problems.. I think lazy people with bad nutritional habits that dont's exercise and eat at fast food restaurants are the cause of their health problems. I think fast food is disgusting but we shouldn't ban these places from existing. It's not their fault people don't make good eating choices. To me that only opens the door for the government to tell us what is good for us and what is not and then control that. IF 100 people go out there and use a q-tip and stick it in their ear too far and go deaf, should they have the right to ban q-tips? No. The same goes for long as accurate, truthful information regarding ingredients and nutritional stats are available to the public I think that is all a fast food restaurant should be obligated to do. It would be nice if fast food DID try to offer REAL healthy alternatives (salads are often full of sugar and unhealthy as anything else on the menu) and it would be nice if they took the bar up a notch and tried to use better ingredients, with better service and standards of presentation...but it's fast much can we really expect? As for me I would rather spend a little more time and money and go to a real restaurant or something. I think overall people are to blame for the obesisty/health epidemic...who in their right mind DOESN'T know fast food eaten 4-7 times a week is gonna make you unhealthy and fat?!!!! IF you are that dumb, you deserve to die.
  • They don't help the problem at all. When I went to Disneyland last year, all my family and I could find were fast food restaurants, even OUTSIDE the amusement park. We were looking for something "healthy" to eat, because we were sick and tired of all the junk food inside the park. What did we find? "McDonald's, Ihops, Panda Express, Wendy's, Denny's, Haagen Daz, etc. on almost every block. No wonder there are so many overweight people in North America.
  • I think people should learn how to eat healthy foods and become more active. No one is forced to eat fast food.
  • I think that question is best answered by reading the bestselling book "Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You To Know About" by. Kevin Trudeau. The book gives a slew of information about the food industry and what people should be doing about it.
  • Why not ban candy and fried foods too? You can eat very unhealthy without going to a fast food chain, and you can choose healthy food at a fast food chain. When I go on vacation, all the restaurants there serve mainly fried foods, and these are not fast food chains. Last year I got so sick of not finding healthy food that I went to Wendy's and got a salad, I did that a couple of times. It's an individual choice of what you want to eat, and where. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head. I do feel bad for the kids who have parents that feed them fast food all the time, though.
  • Hahahaha, ban fast food? No one is forced to go inside and order.
  • The fast food chains only do well because people chose to go to them. Fast food will not damage your health if you only eat it every once in a blue moon. However if they were banned people's intake of fast food would certainly decrease, which would improve health on the whole. A major problem is that too many people do not cook proper meals and do not realise the enjoyment you can get from them. Some people do not eat much healthy food at all even when at home.
  • No, the USA already doesn't have enough jobs...we don't need to lose more!

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