• well i donno about age limits and what not but u should never wear them up the clacker no matter what age u are.... id say quit the saggin at its latest in the early 30's, however this is pushing it, depends how young u look in the rest of ur dress. Also no further down than a half thigh, otherwise its all gangsta wannabe and looks stupid not cool.
  • I don't know the age limits myself. I don't think sagging your pants is a good idea. They're trying to dress "gangsta", when they're really looking ridiculous.
  • Be yourself, man. If you want to sag, then do it. Just know that there are plenty of people in this world who have preconceived notions on "sagging" and will judge you for it. But, do whatever you feel is right.
  • Stop when you hit 25, and don't bother starting if you're white.Don't sag em down to your knees, cuz you just look like a retard.Basically, if you want to be respectable, not lower or higher than your butt, if you just wanna be...well, ghetto, than mid or top thigh.
  • i dont think anyone should sag their pants i think it look rediculas. but if a child insisted on doing it i think it shouldnt be till they are at least in thier highschool years.and it should go no lower then half but.
  • You should sag the crutch to the floor and roll the legs up past the knees.
  • Not far at all, your allowed a certain amount of saggage if you,ve had a few too many wings and beer on sunday or if your a plumber.(and you wonder why you get rushed out the door so quickly). If you're 85 years old and one or both sides of your suspenders have malfunctioned thats ok too. Just fix them as soon as possible. If your really really skinny buy some elastics at the dollar store. Other than stuff like that Saggy pants probably just make it harder for you to do anything..... Like run fast when crossing the street. :)
  • I only find it remotely attractive to see the top of the boxers.. just the wast band.. I don't want to see ass hanging out of the back of the pants. It's basically the same as a girl wearing low rise jeans.
  • It's illegal in my town. Really!
  • Well I think NJ passed something a while ago that fines you $75 if they can see your just be on the lookout for things like that lol :)
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Why? Guess one could bring back bell bottoms, ruffled male shirts, powdered wigs, and togas too. When all this sagging and bagging came about when most who wear it were not even a thought in their parent's eye. Sagging came from the late 70s early 80s Crips gang to tell who was a member and who wasn't. So why anyone would want to try and glorify that as fashion in any way, go figure? What next? Using the swastika or the SS lightning bolts?
  • don't do it unless u hav a reason example I'm a skater basically an age as long as u hav a reason good boxers are essential and keepin mind the pants are a good 1/2 of it so go to ccs or dr jays and get a pair a belts 2 r important if u want to roll old school than grab any old pair of js but u will need a good top like a hoodi or tshirt I'm tellin u this shit cuz assume from the fact u asked the question that u would do it wrong about how low to roll loosen ur belt , jump up and down 10 times then pull em up a littl bit , tighten em a LITTLE then go for a stroll by then you should have em pretty comfortable good luck dude remember a good top is essential
  • You should stop once you're potty trained.
  • Hmm! Try living a week in the hood - you'll turn into another animal too!
  • i dont think people should do that at all
  • Never never never EVER!!!!
  • You should be at least 150 years old before you can do that. Sag no more than 1/16 inch.

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