• a calico..........I loved her.
  • I've had maybe three that extraordinarily special. One was named Ivan the Terrible. Another was a Himalayan named CocoPuff and now we have Caesar, the cat in my avatar. But I've had dozens more and they have all been so special and great friends.
  • A Persian cat (Angora):
  • I had a white cat,and it was my favorite of all the cats I have owned.
  • a bit fat black thing call morgwen
  • my cat i have now, buddy. at night shell hop over the gate onto the old beanch and watch football, if anything else is on she looks the other way.
  • I have had 3 cats but only one I have hand reared and I have her now. She, Lily, is such a character so affectionate and follows me everywhere. She acts like a dog sometimes and growls when people arrive at my door or walk past the window to warn me that 'danger' is approaching! She also plays fetch with her toys! She's an intelligent cat and by choice prefers to stay inside the house, only daring to venture outside when I'm in the garden! She is frightened of birds and runs straight inside when one flies overhead! Like I said shes a real character!!
  • A Catillac ... isn't she cute?
  • My last cat Chloe was my most favorite of all she treated me like she was an Emperess and i was her slave. She had style, grace a most fantastic personality bar non. No-other could beat her and no-other will EVER replace her
  • Garfield. My fat, orange lazy cat. But Salem holds just as much of my heart as well. I live on a farm and i love my animals, that's how i've always been raised. some people even think i raise them and treat them better then i treat people. i cook certain snacks for them on the weekends and make sure they're healthy, as well as taking them out to play and bathing them (i still bathe them for fleas, even in the winter)
  • I've had many cats, but Sampson (avatar) was my favorite. He was one of a kind: very intelligent & unusually affectionate, moreso than some dogs... He belonged to a litter of five that I hand-reared from 2-days old... He'd seek you out if you left the room for more than a few minutes & refused to sleep alone if you were around (didnt matter where you slept either).
  • Bugsy, he was 17 until we had to put him a sleep. Poor kitty.
  • My favorite cat is Duncan. He lived from 1987-2001 and he was like my child.
  • ive had so many, i really couldnt choose - honest! theyve all had such lovely little idiosyncracies!! (sp)
  • I've had three, and not sure of the breeds. But the one i have now is by far my favoruite, not sure of her breed either though, LOL! She's very sweet but quite skiddish. She's also very quiet, unless it's morning and she's HUNGRY! She will let you damn know!
  • Well, I can't say that I had a favourite because I loved them all but the couple who stand out in my mind are Nokomis who was creamy milk white with one blue eye and one hazel eye and wasn't deaf but was a little on the Forrest Gump side of things and Rosie 1 who was my autumn cat and gave me four really ugly kittens and Rosie 2 who was a rumpy-stump manx and gave me a lot of comfort when my second husband died. Currently there is my avatar Reuben...what a hunk!
  • I have two Princess and Panther they are sisters. Princess is definitely my favorite. She spends more time cuddling with me, she sleeps with me at night or does what ever she has to do for my attention. Panther is more of a loner, she comes around sometimes when she feels like it to be pet. Which in turn makes Princess jealous and she comes running up pushing panther out of the way .

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