• you'd have to know the half life of alcohol and stuff. there is 355ML in 12 fl oz. There was a rule that 1 beer = one shot. but beer has about 1/4 of a alcohol. Which doesn't make much sense like 1 shot = 4 beers but I guess it does lol. I took 750ml times .4 then 710ml times .1 then divided the 40% by 10% which is two cans of beer.
  • It is equivalent to 6 liters of 5% beer.=6000ml 12 oz(USfluid)is about 355ml. you do the math, 6000/355 Approx 17
  • ok there is 17ml of alcohol in beer and 11ml alcohol in an ounce of 80 proof alcohol.
  • A beer and a shot are about equal. in the restaurant business, we count a 1/5th(750ml) bottle as 30 shots. I'd say drinking a bottle of Absolute would be equal to a case of beer. I can drink a 12 pack no sweat, in like 3 hrs. I doubt if I could do the same with 1/2 bottle of Absolute.

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