• I think it is like when you find an amazing thing that transformed your life, you think it will work for everyone and you become the religious equal to a vaccum salesman.
  • When they can "convert" someone to what they want so badly to believe, it validates their decision.
  • they must have found sth special in this they want every one they love to convert it as simple as that.
  • In most cases, they feel so good about it that they want everyone to experience the feeling. They don't realize that they actually may be having a negative effect. Each individual must come to a particular "belief system" in their own time and in their own way (or not). When someone tries to force their beliefs upon someone else more often than not, it only makes them tend to reject them without even considering them.
  • I think maybe it is because it fills them with so much joy that they want to share that joy with others. I'm going to give you an example of something analogous...when I'm eating something really really delicious I want to share it with Jim. Whether it appeals to him or not, whether he is hungry or not, it is simply so wonderful I have to share with him. I think people sharing their religion feel the same as I do about sharing food. :)
  • They want to rescue you from Hell
  • because they have found what they believe to be God's calling...... and they want to save you.
  • The same reason people who graduate from a college try to shove they idea of you going to their college because people think their choice is the only right choice!
  • Who wouldn't want to know "THE TRUTH"?
  • Atheists may have a track record of being less friendly than religious people. (That's the case in my experience; I don't know about anyone else's here.) Some may want them to have a friendlier disposition. That may be one of the reasons why.
  • the real question is why would anyone convert to a religion? religions are lies and gods do not exist
  • I guess they would want to share their new found "eye opening experiences" with the world around them not that I agree.
  • Misery loves company ; )
  • I agree with all those who say you want to share a good thing with others because you found it good whether they want it or not. Also, most religions say that you must spread the word to others, must get others to convert. Example: the Mormons 2 year missions for young people. The religion I (church also) am agrees that we shouldn't "shove it down other people's throats" but that we should make the invite and then leave it alone.
  • People usually convert from a bad addiction (drugs, alcohol, meds, etc.) to another addiction. As a consequence, they tend to see themselves as holier than thou while at the same time feeling guilty, so they go out enforced trying to shove the shit down the throat of anything that walks by whatever the means so they can feel better about themselves

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