• Can't say that I have. I lead a rather boring life. I've had my panties stolen though...>_>
  • No, I just go over and ask if I can borrow some panties and a bottle of syrup. It's just neighborly to help each other out when in need.
  • Okay, true story: My neighbor told his sister I wanted a pair of her panties. For two years he bugged her about this. I had cautioned her at the start that her brother is a dirty minded story teller, and I had made no such request. But his sheer repetition convinced her, and one day she handed me her underwear. Needless to say I was quite surprised, and not sure how to respond. I didnt want to reject her 'gift', especially since it was a personal one. What to do? Amy Vanderbilt's book of etiquette never covered this situation! The friend next to me said simply "Just put them in the car". So I did. It seemed a better choice than to just stand there holding them feeling disturbed . Later the brother asked how they were and I said a gentleman doesn't discuss such matters, but then I found also her bra hanging on my door too. Well, they don't call me Mr Floppy for nothing, so to make sure I stay that way, I, of course, didn't inhale. *shifty look*

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