• Yes, sometimes it's the personality, but mainly the titties.
  • Depends on how long the dry spell has been.
  • For, sure. I know that I was always attracted to skiny small brested women, but recently I have been finding myself falling for not overwight, but just naturaly bigger women. Truth is that most guys like all different types of women, it's the personality that decides which girl we choose in the end.
  • I don't know about him, but I would :D You go girl.
  • It depends. If I'm single by the time I'm 40, I will always find women attractive if they're slim, white, small/average tits and ass. Dark hair doesn't matter.
  • I think by the time he's 40, he would have put on a few pounds, so he shouldn't mind
  • If the personality is there, it doesnt matter what someone looks like... You can work around looks they are not important. You cant work around personality.
  • Of course. My first serious relationship was for 7 and a half years with someone who didnt meet my 'physical preferences' but it doesnt matter because when u get to know and like someones personality they become more attractive to u physically! Im not sure why but they just do!
  • Heck yeah! Finally got a bit of sense into his head. Small / small features isn't for everyone. I love my wifes curvey features... MmmmHmmmm.... Nothings worse then smashing your pelvis off of a... well you get the hint :)
  • It's not impossible, but if the preference is so rigid it may not be likely.
  • Why not? I have cuddled athletic women (in my younger days I could catch them)and found protruding hip bones nearly ruined my love life forever (they were still nice and I put up with the pain). Now!As you say (being nice) slightly overweight women with large breasts. Well my boy, if you have ever had one of these you have had the best. Comfort, ease, softness, ooooh, you can't beat that. These greyhoundish ladies are usually health fanatics who put you on a vegetarian diet first up, are not all they are made out to be. Give me the comforting love of an naturally formed woman any day. UUUUMPH and a puff.
  • I think if he is attracted to her then it shouldn't matter what size she is he should follow his instincts. Something is drawing him to her.Just maybe he was attracted to a stereotype all his life and now he is following his true feelings.
  • Sure why not, some women are built for comfort not speed it would be his loss!
  • Sure. You can say that you have a "type," but personality can overrule types. For instance, I typically seem to go for tall, thin brunettes, but due to shared intellectual interests I fell pretty hard for a very overweight blond fellow at one time. It's better to be with someone who's not your type and has a great personality than with a grouchy or unpleasant person who's a knock-out.
  • For sure ... guys change, attitudes change, and most importantly something else (e.g. a nice personality) can overcome another trait (e.g. small breasts) in a guys mind. Personally, I wouldnt worry about it. If he treats you well and is a good man --- breasts are really not the issue.
  • I would not worry about the type of woman he was attracted to before. I would just go after him. My girlfriend is a few extra pounds but I love her with all my heart. She is pretty too. Overweight woman can look good inside and out if they dress up, wear some makeup, and have a good personality. You put on your best outfit and go after this man. What he has done in the past is no reflection on what he might do in the future. I believe you can catch your prey. Good luck! If you wish, please post a comment on how things turned out.
  • anything's possible, if you love her you shouldnt care what she looks like

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