• What exactly is your idea of messing and how can anyone mess up things anymore than they are?
  • Well let see it took Bush 9 months. And 8 years later still not taking the full blame.
  • So you're saying things can actually be MORE messed up than they are now? I'd say unless Obama accidentally nukes the entire country, he can do no wrong.
  • let's just skip to what you want to hear since this is just a platform for you to rant about how much you don't like Obama: Obama will become the worst president in History within minutes of taking office Obama will throw the country into economic ruin and end al llife on the planet as we know it Obama will never take the blame for these things because the liberal media will not cover it. Did I sum it up? Are you happy?
  • Since the people who will end up blaming him will feel to threatened by societies diluted view of political correctness, he may never actually get blamed.
  • I suspect it will take a longer time than it took GWB, but who knows, the pot is already boiling and he is an untried cook. I suggest that given the state of the USA, it would be better to send positive thoughts and even prayers his way, than be a naye sayer. The wheels are in motion and to turn or stay the current course is going to take the united will of the American people. It is a time where partisan interests need to e put aside. I suggest you wait 3 to 4 years and then get behind who ever you think can do the best job if you need to.... and vote!
  • I think he will not mess up, but it will take awhile for him to straighten this mess out.

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