• Yes, and it was so boring I couldn't get past the second chapter before I gave it away. If an author wants to keep my attention, they need to hook me right away. I don't remember the the title, it was a couple of years ago.
  • yeah the bible- couldnt get past 1st page- really boring and poorly written.
  • Yes... Lord of the Rings - it took me 2o years and a LOT of effort to finish it! Also - the Harry Potter books - I still have no managed to read any of them - I got up to page 84 of one of them then gave up - just not my style of reading
  • "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" "The Grapes of Wrath" "The Hobbit" The first 3 I actually HAD to read because they were for classes, but had I a choice in the matter I would not have finished them. "Angels and Deamons"
  • yes, I went through a phase of reading books, and couldn't get past about the first 6 chapters. bit annoying,, to name a few they where... somebody elses kids - torey hayden cherished - angela cannings abandoned - anya peters half the yellow sun - chimamanda ngozi adichie Think as there is only so much of the same style writing you can go for, So now Ive changed to reading the wheel of time books by robert jordan, and cant put them down!
  • harrypotter and eragon
  • Lord of the rings...too detailed, i don't like too much of details...left it halfway through, will resume later..
  • Bset Seller, Daddy by Danielle Steel, I tried three times to read, I just couldnt get into it, and I read all the time.
  • Not a book..but two movies were highly recommended and I really disliked both equally. "The English Patient" and "The Bridges of Madison County". I would have walked out of the movies but in each case I was not alone and the other person seemed to be enjoying it. :(
  • Yes. The Da Vinci Code.
  • Not everyone said it was great, but it sure had a lot of hype and people insisting I read it, apparently because no else actually read it and they were hoping for someone to give them the short version. The Bible.
  • Ulysses by James Joyce. Zzzzzzzzzzz.
  • The Lord of the Rings Series; its weird that I loved The Hobbit, and read that quickly. The LOR series took abit longer, it wasn't as enjoyable as I hoped. I made the mistake of getting the the series sequence wrong, and I think I read book one, then three, then two. I can't remember... The other book, now this one drained me, but I loved it on BBC movie wise...Tale of Two Cities. Saw parts of it on PBS and had to read it, oh, man, was that drawn out...
  • Also, anything by Philip K. Dick.
  • Twilight, it sucked.
  • Anything by L Ron Hubbard. Cannot stand his writing style. Apart from that not really, Dan Brown's efforts are fairly awful but at least they are page turners. Oh and Jane Austen. Again can't stand her. Just seems to always be 'stupid middle class people want to get married' and that's it.
  • The Alchemist, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, All the so-called self-improvement stuff (except Dale Carnegie's How to win friends ...) Fiction's not for me either.
  • Last Exit to Brooklyn. I can't stand the way it's written, it's really confusing and after reading about 30 pages about some transvestite junkie I had enough lol
  • "The Talisman" I had just finished the "The Dark Tower"series and was not in the mode for something similar,however subtle.
  • The Road Less Traveled. Too heady.
  • Eat Pray Love.
  • almost every book ive seen
  • Twilight, and most anything by James Patterson (except for Sam's Letters to Jennifer).
  • I never take into consideration another persons opinion about a book. Good or bad.
  • The Silmarillion, I never have finished it.

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