• There have been so many it's hard to know where to start! Growing up, I had a family doctor - we all went to the same one and he did everything from blood tests to setting bones. This person no longer exists - I go to one place for blood, another for arthritis, another for bones, another for mammogram. Growing up, most moms were at home. Kids played outside until the street lights came on and then went home. Growing up, there were no video games or home computers. Growing up, if we wanted to re-heat a meal it was done in the oven; no one owned a microwave. Growing up, there were several mom-and-pop grocery stores within a few blocks of my house. Now there are just the mega-stores. Growing up, we couldn't rent movies to watch at home. Looking over this list, it seems like the world has become less personalized, more generic. All of the wonderful home amenities have provided more leisure time and options. People needn't go out for entertainment, which can be isolating if it goes too far.
  • People are looking inwards more than ever before. People are increasingly finding solutions to problems within themselfs.
  • more people are becoming more socially responsible and spiritually minded. they are realizing that each individual is not an island ~ we are all interconnected ~ and the every man for himself philosophy cannot continue if we are to survive as a species. i see a growing movement of people wanting to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • my "preferences" regarding work, friends and what I am willing to put up with in general in a relationship with a S/O
  • I no longer believe: In god. That religion is a good thing. That America is free. That politicians help anybody but themselves. That our government has our best interests at heart. That government even has a heart. That the police are there to 'Serve & Protect'. That corporations care about the people that buy their products.
  • B&W TV has turned into full HD TV
  • Well, for one, superficially, a lotta my hair has turned grey over the last two years! [at least it ain't fallin' out!] ;-)
  • The skies went from brown smog to blue smog to insignificant smog. TV has gone from broadcast B/W to HD satellite feed Computers shrank from room sized to pocket sized.
  • Everything is so PC now. You have to be careful with everything you say. Feminism seems to have blanketed all of our minds.
  • aside from gaining weight? I became more cautious in life, more sensitive, believe in God more, now I know why the meaning of my life. I believe in my dreams and they can come true. I'm not really alone. I'm more prettier than I used to be. More expressive, confident. I can be myself now. I feel free to be me.
  • The computer and communication revolutions. The fall of Communism in Europe. The end of segregation in the U.S. A complete shift in popular sexual morality. The end of Apartheid in Africa. The death many of my favorite actors and musicians. So many things ...
  • In the world; Technology has improved to an extent that it has caught up to and in some cases surpassed hollywood movie magic. Personally. I have learned a lot from the same things that once effected me and hurt me. I have learned from my mistakes and been able to realize a change in me that I never imagined I could or would.
  • The world has become more paranoid with each year...
  • ... many ... I was born in 1959 ... As a computer programmer, what I have noticed the most are the vast changes in computer hardware and software from 1975 to the present. The very first computer course that I took was a simple course in record keeping and only taught how to properly file the computer program paper cards with holes punched in them. Then I took the actual hole punch course and began learning to program a huge massive mainframe computer that filled a very large room with vacuum tubes and only had a simple printer for a display. It could take up to a week for the data entry clerk to get around to feeding your stack of punch cards into the mainframe and getting back a paper print out that indicated either success or failure of your program.
  • The differences in the generations has been enlightening. For me, practicing patience has become more important and far easier!
  • getting old sucks,but it beats the alternative
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      does it? how do you know?

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