• Not all religions do.
  • Only muslims, they cover their women in black robes and masks, even gloves, lol
  • not sure they do when one looks at the 'art' of the past. one can see the body disrobed or nearly so in most centuries, but you make a good point, religious leaders are not glorified in that fashion
  • Have you taken a look at some of bodies, I mean, like would you really wanna see the Pope nekkid? Yikes!
  • Why do you think that??
  • Because its their weakness point
  • I don't think they have a problem with the nude body but more so it's the abuses of the naked body that fly in the face of their religious doctrines. Many religions view the human body as a reflection of their GOD and their bodies are their Gods temple which is to be revered, respected and taken great care of. To do anything less would be considered blasphemy to their God.
  • Paganism Chasity No Pockets -or- it will lead to dancing To wit: The question: Why religions problem with nude body's --->religions think it will lead to Paganism --->religions think it will compromise Chasity --->some religions observe that nudity has no Pockets --->Baptist religions think it will lead to DANCING and the "no pockets" is a deal killer!!
  • Not all religions. See the statue of david.See the ancient greek sculptures. Even on some temple walls sex positions are shown.Every religion don't take that offensive.
  • They see the body as a temptations, that causes people to do bad things.
  • Some have a problem with nude bodies because some book probably told them it was. They just believe what they read. One would think they would be ok with it because it's natural, but so is evolution lol.
  • Because religious people like to live in the dark where they can't use their eyes to get turned on by a gorgeous woman's naked body without feeling like God is gonna come up and kick them in the balls for being human.
  • because they are told to
  • It is basically the Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - which have the problem with nudity. So at some time in early Judaism, someone had a problem, and it has been passed down to several major relegions. Religions with different roots have much less problem - see the Hindu erotic carvings etc.
  • Judaism does not have a "problem" with a nude body, in fact it believes the body is holy. But, Judaism believes that holy items are not to be flaunted in public (that's why the Ark of the Covenant was stashed away in a private chamber in the Jewish Temple) and the body is no different.
  • probably because a book told them so...

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