• Though I commend your cause, it is something that will probably never happen...
  • I love it when you stand like that, you look so sexy !!! ;-) Seriously, I agree with you and wish the people of the Middle East would calm down and learn to share and live together in peace. Unfortunately they will never listen to you and me, and won't ever be happy until they are all dead.
  • If only....
  • I will stand with you!! Canada rocks!!
  • I'll stand up with you..even though that will never cannot demand that people not hate..they are going to do it anyway..but what a great stand it is anyway! :)
  • I TOTALLY support your stand! Believe me, If I knew my one voice would make a defference to the senseless destruction, killing, maiming and suffering in the Middle East, I would sing VERY out-of-tune AND EXTREMELY LOUD AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! Not very long ago on AnswerBag, someone asked what headline I would love to see in my lifetime. My answer was "TERRORISM ERADICATED. PEACE RULES THE WORLD" Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions.
  • I do. My son will be home Friday from living 4 weeks in a Palestinian refugee and I am very eager to hear his story. Great question.
  • I agree but the only thing is they have been fighting since the 1st recording of man. So how do we get each to sit down and settle and be happy? It does seem weird that after WWII america and Japan settled their differnces. Germany has. A lot of countries have. Look at Ireland and G.B. So why can't their be Peace in the Middle East?
  • You can count on me.....I will support Lasting Peace in the Middle East!
  • I do but good luck to those of us who are such dreamers. The first step would be for the US to get its ugly ass out of the Middle East all together. The second step would be for the US to stop giving Israel about 3+ billion taxpayer dollars per year with which to perpetrate their atrocities
  • I support you! The first step we should take towards that positive end is to get our noses out of their business entirely. If they want to continue fighting for another 100 centuries, let 'em. We have our hands full with running our own country.

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