• No matter who you are, when you sit down you will have have rolls. I have a six pack and when i sit down there are rolls. Your fine. Don't worry about it.
  • I don't think you are overweight either. When you sit down, rolls are normal. WHAT you eat and how much exercise you get makes a difference in how much fat you have even though you don't look fat. Get off the computer, go do something active and don't eat a bag of chips and a coke with cookies for lunch.
  • I'm new to this but just saying, when I dont have a shirt on and I'm standing up, i dont look thin. If i want to have a flat stomach, do I need to lose weight or just do sit ups? cuz I know that if I do sit ups and have fat covering it, you'll never see it...
  • At 6'2" and 156 pounds, you definitely do NOT need to lose any weight. I would say if you have any roles, then you just need to tone up. Oh, and stop worrying. I am sure you look great!
  • I mean rolls! LOL!
  • Please tell me this is a typo and you meant to say 5'2". At 6'2", you ware decidedly underweight.
  • 3 roles? What the smeg?

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