• A drunk & a psychotic = sure?! ;-)
  • Yes and No. My Dad works hard and is always working. When he isn't my mother slaves him around the house having him do projects. My Dad basically stays married even though I can tell he's not completely happy with my mom My mother doesn't work and mostly complains about having to do things like it's a burden of her time and energy to help out. She's always right and can never admit being wrong. She has a "right" answer for everything even if she doesn't know anything about the question. They are both loving parents so in that respect yes they are good role models, but everything I don't think so.
  • My father was definitely not but it was better he ran off and I didn't know him than having an abusive or alcoholic father like others had. My mother was an awesome role model. I've done my best to be as good a parent as I feel she was.
  • They were when it mattered.
  • For parenting only, otherwise they are pathetic.
  • No they were not. They were role models on what not to do when I am a parent.
  • Erm kind of I suppose. They both have very good moral values. Although my mum can be kinda crazy at times and my dad drinks too much and takes drugs as well. They both work hard and are very good parents though.
  • Sure are. I'm very proud having them as my parents. It's always a fact that I could never ever change them, even from the start. They are one of the givens in my life. And yet I'm so blessed having them in my life. My father, when I was young, would always remind me of the hard lessons in life. To stand for what I think is right, that fear is only a creation of the mind. Because of him, I have become a reflective kind of person. He is a very religious person. From him I have learned to love God, and to always call on Him like a friend. My mother is homely woman, and has always been. She was the one who taught me how to pray. Before I go to sleep, she would always ask me if I have already prayed. She cared for me a lot. She would always tell me to be self-reliant. To stand on my own two feet. Though she would get angry at me whenever I failed to follow her, there was always a lesson behind it. That all along she was preparing me to face the hard facts of life. They are the best!
  • Yes, very. My mum was a much better person than I will ever be and I'm so glad I had her in my life for 32 years as she taught me so much, how to have compassion, how to love and how to forgive in adverse situations. My father is a very grounded person who gives excellent advice but allows me to make my own mistakes and learn from them. He is an excellent socialiser and has kept his wide circle of many friends for over 40 years.
  • My DAD and late grandmother!
  • My parents were the best role models you could have...but there again in that era (the 50's onwards) so were most parents.
  • damn straight.
  • not really, when i have kids i will do everything (well almost) different to how they raised me! i'm ok now i suppose but i was a right horrible child and went against the world! they made my life hell and iwill break the cycle!

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