• I've only been there once, on business back when I worked for a firm that manufactured automation for the electronics industry. So I remember being overwhelmed by the size of Lake Pontchartrain, listening to the Jazz bands on Bourbon Street, and eating dinner at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. There are definitely better ways to tour a town than with a bunch of drunken electronics execs.
  • ... jazz ... Although I have never been there, here in Montreal, Canada, we have an annual International Jazz Festival ... many people from there come here, and I have met many people from there ... ... I remember a very nice song in Creole, called, "Muen Pral la Kai Muen!" ...
  • I lived there for several years and my favorite memory is the birth of my second daughter. Next would be the food...OMG!! the FOOD!! ;-)
  • I went down to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief work. My work took me to the Mobile, Alabama and Biloxi, Mississippi areas. When we were finished, we drove over to New Orleans to see how hard they were hit there. After 15 minutes of driving around, we were ready to go. We did not even go into the Ninth Ward. We felt like ghouls. We stopped at a store in New Orleans right off of the expressway before we began our 25 hour drive back home. I remember just buying a few small items at this privately owned general store, nothing much. I will never forget the smile on the owners face when I checked those items out. He was so genuinely grateful that someone had bought something from him that day. (That is how bad business was in New Orleans shortly after Katrina) I will always remember his face.
  • The historic buildings and great food!
  • The food. Meeting the poet, Stan Rice, just before his death. Staying in a haunted mansion in the Garden District. The beautiful trees encasing the street.
  • The food and the jazz music is awesome!!! I have only been there once back in 2001 and I loved it, I had a great time!!
  • I was kind of spacing out at around 3AM one night walking on Burbon Street and for some reason I just lost all sense of where I was, I wasn't drunk. This homeless guy sold me some beads earlier in the night. This girl on a balcony called down to me. "Hey! Hey you! I want your beads." Without even thinking about it, I shrugged and tossed my beads up to her. Then, it being the tradition and all, she flashed me. Being in my half dazed state, I was absolutely shocked. Then I realized where I was. Also, I went on a fanboat tour. That was freakin awesome. Those things go so fast. I got to feed an alligator marshmellows. =P

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